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Well for 2 unfamiliar faces they got lots to say about the “fresh newcomers not knowing she’s close by hearing the “open minded” opinions of her Co workers making a very Lewd statement of things that never happened (which hopefully she won’t think to act upon to just spite people) namely a certain photographer and his Girlfriend

Scarlet may have been peeved off before but perhaps after the brief talk she and Quick had about him reminding her that she’s been on covers several times and has much more prestige than the new girl, I guess she being the seasoned mature veteran of the magazine she may just want to see if she really is cover material, and maybe after talking with her could befriend her
but that’s an average long shot (the way I see it if she becomes friends with Amanda maybe could be her mentor and teach her the ropes there but that’s my wishful thinking,as everyone else got her pegged the “other”way)

I think it was less her furious about her spot being taken and more wondering why it was a new girl who just got hired. If it had been any of the other girls who had been there for a while, she might not have even said anything.. but someone new, yeah that will bring up the question of why?

The reason being is two fold 1st Amanda got a recommendation for the magazine modeling from Reiko which was their “top star” there, and the 2nd top reason is from the head lady herself Quick’s Sister Jennifer which after seeing her recent starter photo shoot pictures impressed her soo massively that she sent Quick to tell Scarlet the news,in which that spread around for all the other models to be jealous of the attention she’s getting (by doing other favors which she has not done)

Methinks Scarlet has calmed down a bit knowing she’s not the only one not happy with the new girl becoming an instant sensation. But that doesn’t mean she’s not planning something. I fear, before this is over, Scarlet is going to make Amanda feel like she’s walking a mile in Chrissy’s shoes (without even knowing who Chrissy is).

Not falling for any of this. Donna and Rebecca are winking at each other in the first panel. They know damn well why Scarlet’s looking for the “new girl”, and they’re talking shit just to stay on the prima donna’s good side. And I don’t know what Scarlet’s up to, but a “change of heart” has nothing to do with it.

She has the look of someone who’s heard that all before. It’s likely she went through the same thing on her rise to the top and it was probably pretty hard for her. She realised, she was acting the exact same way and it wasn’t fair, as she doesn’t even know her, but that’s just a theory, a Rascals theory. Thanks for reading.

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