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Besides Quick being uber-Meta in that one Panel, I still had hoped that Shiro would be average chested like Chrissy, Raven, and Jazmin.

The series is being pushed along like a long-dead traveling show with a magician whose tricks are all obvious and whose clown and freak show has long lost any mystery or splendor; this comic checks the cheap cliche anime ecchi hi-jinks boxes, keeps the advertisement and Patreon money trickling in, and probably pays somebody’s bills.

You honestly expected them to provide any sort of sensible, genuine plot, characters who AREN’T obscenely stacked for the lewd commissions? I’m mostly just watching in bitterly horrified fascination at what nonsensical ploy they’ll try next in the desperate harem building and off-screen plot development so they don’t have to justify or explain anything they do.

Jarek if you like the series you basically see it as it develops
and just see where it leads (which I believe is why you came here for and as for back stories the goyoku part of the story’s earlier years should piece most of the story together)

Why should I have to resort to side stories and Patreon-fueled lewd-friendly side-comics to actually figure what the hell is going on here? NOT, mind you, that I at all look down on the sale of lewd/pornographic/NSFW work for profit in the slightest; i’m just annoyed as all hell at the concept that vital story components are ONLY revealed in side material that’s extra to pay for, or may not be written for many months at a time…or that they won’t be explained AT ALL. I come back here because many, MANY, moons ago, this was an interesting ‘real life’ story about the complex relationships of today’s young adults, something that I never really got exposed to due to a highly abusive life up to the mid-20s when I enlisted in the Army due to lack of better options/impending homelessness. Watching it turn into a hideously stunted hijinx-bait comic with balloon gazongas and about as much sense as an LSD trip is painful, to say the least, and how many damn furry comics are there out there that actually handle the complex nature of sexual/romantic relationships in honest, relatively realistic ways?

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