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How can she even move with those balls of fat? Also, “Assoholic”? That’s a new one. Also, Shiro, you Female. Jazmin Female. That’s Lesbian. AKA Female Gay. You’re Gay. Accept it and embrace it. I mean Raiko/Runko (Jazmin’s Sister with the Bigger Chest and not Thighs), is a Pan with an Open Relationship thing. No idea if that’s still a thing with her, but you get the idea.

She’s actually pretty cute now. “No respectable ninja will be able” blah blah. Anyone else smell jealousy. AND I gotta hear this story.

Funny thing is that real Kunoichi didn’t have large breasts. If a woman’s cup size was too big she wasn’t trained to a ninja because of all the time they spent on roofs, in tight corners, and upside down,.having large breasts would get in the way. So Charlotte actually was right, for a change.

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