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#480 Oh Fine!

#480 Oh Fine! published on 80 Comments on #480 Oh Fine!

Happy New Year Folks

been a while since I updated the Sponsor list, I take full responsibility for that due to my laziness, so a new year with new reveals hopefully most of you guys saw this coming ( especially I made it pretty obvious due to my corny writing skills but hey we all know the story is full of corn lol. Hope you all have a great 2019, unfortunately, it’s looking to be another suck year for me but like all the other years past I’m gonna face it head-on. life would be boring without hardships, right?


Okay, i wasn’t expecting that!! Where did she get those magic bandages anyway?

I’ll be honest. I didn’t see a reveal like this coming. I had a feeling Shiro is a girl since the eyelashes were a dead giveaway.

Probably from Natani over at the Two Kinds comic 😛

Ok I was thinking Shiro might be a girl, but a small-ish breasted girl. But GOOD LORD she has massive boobs, I’m sorry but those have to literally be magic bandages. There is no way normal bandages could do that

If its not on tvtropes, it should be. It’s one thing to hide the fact you’re a girl, which CAN be done with the right clothing (jackets work wonders). Its another story to be Big and Busty (like pretty much every female on Rascals) and hide the fact you’re a girl!

OMGG! She’s huge! In fact, she’s actually bigger than her mother. Hm…I wonder if that’s why she hid them…because of her mother’s boob envy.

Yeah, also didn’t quite see that one coming either. Woooo! Obviously Shiro’s stated interests are towards Jazmin, but Quick’s clear reaction of stunned appreciation could very well increase his harem (at least the perceived total) by one more! Good luck, Quickster! Yer gonna need it!!

Well, Reiko is gone, so they need a replacement big-boober :p

So Shiro is basically an inverted furry version of Ranma 1/2 haha

I guess I’m one of the few not surprised by this. I’ve been thinking that Shiro’s hair looked like Ranma’s and this feels like a natural progression. (For those that don’t know what I mean, look up Ranma 1/2)

I mean- I knew that Shiro has tits, but like- To be honest I was hoping it wasn’t just another ‘girl-disguising-herself-for-someone-else’ trope. It’s been pretty overdone by content creators in my opinion, IDK, I just was looking forward to a different way and thought it’d be nice to have a chatacter to relate to. :/

…Keep the plot rolling so the ad revenue and Patreon keeps paying the bills…that’s what’s going on here. Joy; another massive gazonga bearing girl in hiding. What, dare I ask, will we ever do now?

Now I understand why you won’t explain anything; you do, and if you make the characters face consequences for anything, the gravy train stops and the bills don’t get paid no more. Well, far from me to look down on someone for making a product in a callously capitalistic way; I actually respect this revelation, if only so that I know that this comic and its authors WILL NEVER provide a conclusive ending to anything until, at last, the viewer count and ad revenue is so far in the gutter that the great Death of the Indie Webcomics Plague strikes here too. Or, you know, it’ll just get abandoned.

No difference, really. And more fitting an end, now that I think about it. Another year or two after that, and the domain name license will run out and we’ll all just shuffle on by and see a real estate scam website or a penis enlargement pill ad.

Man that’s a waste of a good soda. Look what you did Shiro. xD

Also anyone bringing up the eye lashes/eye brows. Just go look at any image of Mother Fucking Vegeta from DBZ. That guy has some thick eye brows. And if you keep looking he’s got a phase where he’s got eye liner around his whole eye.

Eye Lashes of a woman are for real men. lol

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