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I like where the comic is going. Everyone growing up and wondering who to settle with. I just find it sad and annoying Chrissy is still hesitating whether or not she wants to settle with Quifk even though he proven himself many times. Even turning Raven and Jazmin down. Do you guys think Chrissy wants to settle down or not?

Not exactly settle down immediately but she wants to be certain that Quick will stay with her which is why if you still remember when there was going to be a misunderstanding about her being pregnant when in reality it was Liona who was,he was going to step up and be responsible if she was pregnant, so maybe that ought to be the solution for Chrissy and settle her insecurity about whom would Quick choose, wouldn’t you agree or not at all?

Oh joy. More small hints with distractions interlaced. Apparently Quick has to choose between Jazmin and Chrissy? And now Chrissy is telling herself she’s the mature one for having to respect his choice?

I legitimately want all and sundry to just fail. Lose. Not succeed. Not be happy. A sort of resignation has crept into my heart; lowest common denominator anime tropes rule the series.

I’m so tired of hoping for this series.

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