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Are…are you all serious? I…Quick lectures Shiro on the impropriety of claiming he can fight Quick for the hand of a woman…when he…

The authors of this shitshow comic truly are taking the piss but GOOD. I mean you couldn’t possibly take anymore piss if you tried, and yet here we are. I’d have rather seen Shiro actually FIGHT for what he wants, however misogynistic and immature as that might have been. Truly. I’d rather see some actual real consequences to the situation that has been unnaturally ‘behind-the-scenes’ magicked into being than this…annoyance of an atrocity.

Y’all really don’t seem to understand the concept of actually showing what’s going on, do you? Or have you truly written yourselves into such a dismal corner of relationship non-reality that you can’t truly think your way out of the bag you’ve tied yourselves up in?

Or worse, is this just a giant gambit of shipping-bait? Dear lord WHY am I even BOTHERING anymore. I suppose I’m holding on until we can see just WHAT THE HELL the girls shoved Quick into, just to see the nonsensical farce of a man-sharing scheme concocted from drunken desperation to avoid commitment or personal responsibility or whatever FINALLY have some kind of on-screen explanation beyond ‘YEAH BOI SMACK THEM ASSES’.

yup you’re right, you’ve figured it out.

I honestly didn’t know what to think at first when looking at this page. However, after looking at the comments and coming to my own conclusion and opinions, I would have to say that I feel a similar way like Jarek. From my own perspective, the way things have been going lately seems to not have been entirely to my taste. The comic is awesome, no doubt, and so is the art and funny moments. It’s just that I feel the writers or creators have been avoiding the serious consequences that comes with these sort of things, with chaotic relationships as messed up as the one Quick was forced into. For one thing, how the poor guy ended up into such a situation happen off-screen. In fact, much has possibly happened off-screen that my of us fans may not know about. It throws the readers for a loop, trying to pinpoint where they’re at. It makes things a little too complicated.

What I’m trying to say is either the writers are avoiding the realism of the consequences these chaotic relationships face or it could be they are trying to build suspense and give a big surprise for those reading the comic.

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