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Oh boy, here we go. This won’t end well for anyone.

Whoa wait up hold it!!!!! Uhhhm OK now you do realize that in no form or way Quick is able to go forward with such a challenge especially when he is NOT a Fighter! That plus how can Shiro come to such a descicion without knowing the facts about them two

According to traditional dueling rules, the challenged chooses the form in which combat will be decided and both contenders agree to what degree the duel will extend (knockdown, point sparring, first blood, pushed out of a zone, ect.).

As such, Quick can just turn around and say “Street fighter 4 bitch” and own him at a fighting game.

an S.O.S is sent out and it comes to the ears of those champions of “justice” the, (oops wrong story)

I wonder if this is the point where we find out that Quick is a master of some form of Martial arts.

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