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For heaven’s sake, JUST TELL US WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ALREADY, WITH ALL FOUR MEMBERS OF THIS OBSCENE HAREM IN THE SAME STRIP AT ONCE. Quick looks very much like he is indeed sleeping with them all and is embarrassed to admit to it, but then we’ll never really know because Rascals has committed one of the gravest of offenses in a story like this…

Making the complicated relationship happen OFF-SCREEN, likely as not a callous/fearful tactic to bypass the difficulty of actually exploring the emotional work needed by all four members of this dysfunctional sexual merry-go-round to actually accept such a relationship without suffering a mass explosion of jealousy, possessive territoriality, and the impossibility of balancing the needs and feelings of all four people involved what I will cynically assume is a highly immature game of ‘we don’t want to have sex with anyone else but will pretend this is some kind of friends with benefits thing that totally doesn’t make us have to face the hard reality of feelings and the inevitable failure of group sexual/romantic relationships”.

But then, why worry? Quick honestly hasn’t done much to deserve any of these girls beyond sticking it out with Chrissy, and Chrissy is such a indecisive and emotionally guarded lass with someone she knows she can trust that she’d rather use the quartet harem as a guard against any possible loss when her refusal to commit to someone who actually loves her for who she is (or commit to anything really) when of course her decisions result in the loss of the one man she COULD love. She fears the outcome, after her past relationships, and so uses the quartet as a wonderful means of both distancing herself from actual commitment that could fail (which is highly relatable and tragic) AND selfishly using it to sate her desires while allowing her the freedom to cut and run when anything of actual import/gravitas occurs. And then there’s Jazzy, and lord how I have to laugh at and with her; she likes Quick, is attracted to him like hell, but she hasn’t and likely won’t ever just tell her parents she won’t obey their marriage expectations of her since she doesn’t want to MAKE A FUSS. The quartet is perfect for her own brand of irresponsibility, for the same reasons as Chrissy; if it fails, clearly it wasn’t her fault alone since such a weird and impersonal relationship that cheapened the bonds involved by spreading them out (or simply relying entirely upon Quick to find the balance between all the girls, which is unfair and cruel to the kind and well-meaning lad), and in the relationships she’ll never have to actually confront her feelings AND get the sticky rumpy-pumpy she wants and use the quartet situation as a defense just in case she needs to bug out and justify to Quick how it was never going to be anything more.

Raven’s the only one I respect; she wants sex, she wants sex with Quick, and she don’t care about anything else. HER desires are at least upfront and honest, and while their relationship is one I’d run from faster than a dumpster fire of screaming methheads and DAMN the fantastic titties, she has the decency to not be playing games with Quick!

Because that’s who REALLY is gonna lose here; Quick. He’s the common denominator, the center-piece, and undoubtedly the one who either gets told who with and when he’s gonna make the beast with two back…or more likely, given how these girls forged the pact by desperately drinking themselves into it so they could stop thinking about it, he’s the one being forced to call all the shots. Either way? He’s getting USED. Can’t forge a connection with anyone, can’t grow close for fear of upsetting the girls, and lord only knows the mixed messages he’s getting as they both demand affection yet likely push him off when it’s any affection not related to the horizontal tango. And even better, all it takes is Shiro playing hardball or Chrissy the oh-so-mercurial to suddenly cram one too many drinks down her entitled throat and take the hop-skip-and a-jump into bed with another man and suddenly realize just how fragile EVERYTHING IS BECOMING.

Quick will be left picking up the pieces, knowing he was only ever the piece of meat for their appetites, and unless he’s VERY mature and balanced he’ll be left broken-hearted and wondering just what the hell went wrong.

I’ve always been annoyed by ‘modern’ relationships, and anime-harems. Nothing ever works like that; relationships are plenty hard with just two people, never mind four.

I’m siding with you on this one, Jarek. I personally believe Quick in an unfair, if not, tough position. You are also right about him being used for their own selfish desires. Out of all of those involved in the four-way relationship, Quick is the most responsible and mature, quite possibly Raven as well. The reasons for Chissy’s indecisiveness are indeed the most relatable and I understand how she feels. After all, her last boyfriend was, in my opinion, an arrogant self-centered jerkoff. I would say something worse, but I prefer not to use harsher language. Still, Quick has more than proven to her that he is a good man. A man well-deserving of her love to begin with and yet she can’t seem to bring herself to take it a step further out of fear of commitment. She needs to get over that or risk losing the only man that she could trust.

Jazmin, on the other hand, has less ground to stand on due to not having a past as traumatic as Chrissy’s. She’s attracted to Quick, but can’t confront her feelings about him, like you said. She’s also using this relationship as a defense, especially in the case that it doesn’t work out. After lecturing Reiko on responsibility and maturity, she really doesn’t have the right nor much of a privilege to be speaking on such things. Jazmin has always been the more mature sibling and yet she is the one being irresponsible. This, from my point-of-view, is hypocritical. I expect her to be lectured herself or at least experience something karmic. Reiko, after another episode with her dark side, finally decided to grow up and handle her own issues. Perhaps Jazmin is going to have a similar realization, except with the “inner demon”.

Then there is Raven, the seemingly most responsible of the girls. She knows what she wants and does nothing to hide it. She doesn’t beat around the bush nor hide how she feels. Not to mention she’s not using this relationship as a defense. I honestly feel empathy for Quick. Finding yourself in a quartet of women where you can’t bond nor connect with is hard. He doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart and doesn’t want to make things more complicated than they already are. What’s worse is if it doesn’t work out, he may take all the blame/heat from the falling out of this relationship and that is just not right. While he may have did nothing to deserve much of the girls, he also did nothing to deserve this harshness or cruelty.

When it comes to things like this, relationships take dedication, devotion, hard work and especially love FROM BOTH SIDES. Otherwise, it won’t hold up so well. Relationships are complicated enough as is. If one side is not as dedicated as the other it will lead to conflict, which may result in a break-up.

I fear that Quick is just being set on the road for failure with them all; Raven is here for lust, honest but no more unless she surprises us and will let down Quick, Jazmin is being highly irresponsible for a very mature lass in a way that sadly makes some degree of sense (I’d guess it’s a classic case of ‘I’m not gonna be mature about SOMETHING for once) even as she makes a very selfish play against Shiro and Quick by having her cake and eating it (and Shiro showing up next page is very likely gonna be a major confrontation), while Chrissy is being the most…tragically believable of them all, but the most unacceptably selfish one next to Jazzy. Yes, losing a major relationship to an arrogant and selfish prick/bitch is a horrid thing I’ve been through myself, but she’s playing horribly with Quick’s feelings yet has shown an expectation that he STAY available for her even as she shops around for something better. She wants Quick as a fallback…or the ultimate safe relationship, neither of which ever actually work to anyone’s satisfaction.

I’m honestly hoping Quick tells them all to go sit on it and spin, and hops into bed with Paige or someone with an actual head on their shoulders.

Jarek. Bravo. Just fuckin bravo man. I mean Ive been following this Webcomic for a good number of years now. Read it back and forth many many times over and this comment is EXACTLY what im thinking. I freakin love this comic. For such weird reasons. 1) for comments like yours, 2) The drama in Rascals is so straightforward and borderline cheesy but at the same time holds a serious tone that SOMEHOW keeps me engaged, 3)The artists relationship with others of his craft and ability to incorporate their works with his and vice versa. Ive been back and forth between Rascals and Las Lindas for like 6 years now. I dont know man, maybe the reason I like this comic so damn much is MasterGodai doesnt take himself too seriously when he comes up with this stuff. I mean look at the size of everyones boobs! LOL. Its like hes letting everyone know that he is aware what pieces of garbage every character in Rascals is capable of being and it winds up producing brilliant comments like yours. Once again Jarek. Bravo. Fuckin brilliant. You just spoke to my soul about this comic

Dead-posting, but hey brother/sister, I aim to please. 🙂 The sad part is that I’m bothering to post this rant…because I actually LIKE the comic, and want to see it succeed, and fear it will die horribly/crash into Las Linda’s train wreck of a plot.

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