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Getting “tired” is if the relationship is based on only sex. All long-term relationships are based on trust, shared values, and hard work.

That is very true and to our basic knowledge Quick mostly has eyes only for Chrissy so the others are just “good friends” he hasn’t been very intimate with either Raven nor Jasmin (tho they were together briefly at a training session nothing close came off it) as far as we know Quick has only had sex with Chrissy so yeah

Jasmin you got some nerve to talk when you have a chance to get together with Shin and yet you’re insecure about what kind of feelings he may have for you if at all,
yet you feel sooo certain that Quick would accept you with open arms despite you putting him in the hospital twice!!!

Chrissy may not be an angel but Quick knows her well enough that he even forgave her for not just breaking up with him and doing a back check on him but after all that was over n done with he chose YOU! so have some faith.
as for Raven I don’t think Quick had any deep feelings for her so she’s the least one to worry about, but who’s the 4th? I don’t recall anyone else besides Liona but she’s with Nick now.

After School Special Chrissy? Um dang I mean we knew Chrissy isn’t a prude when it comes to sex, and we know she was seriously dating that Cody SOB, but such a name is usually given to someone with a wild sexual appetite. Not slut shaming I just wanna know where the name came from and the context.

Actually, BlackWind is right, at least from how I see it. Jazmin has little room to point fingers about who Quick will accept. She really doesn’t have much room to judge, especially when she slapped him and knocked him out cold the night Chrissy and her got drunk. To be fair, he was thinking dirty thoughts about them both, but the still wasn’t an excuse to hit him. It’s Quicks decision on who he wants to be with not theirs. The problem is, he has been left out of the loop one too many times. So much with the girls has been going on behind his back and yet no one will tell him anything.

I’m gonna laugh so hard if Jazzy gets rejected by Quick. Especially if she’s going to reject Shin who seems like such an amazing person. It’ll leave her alone to think about how she should probably stop assuming things will always go her way. She’s kind of a brat.

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