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Aww man, I’m hoping they develop a good relationship. Also wonder what Felicia and Chrissy are gonna get up to ?

I know, right? Like I said in my comment, Amanda needs to let go of the past. She’s only gonna hold herself back. Also, when she “a little too harsh”, I was like “a little”?

Amanda was way too harsh. I mean come on. Just when she was starting to grow on me.

I’m struggling to understand.. why is Amanda the one who needs to forgive Chrissy? Since she apparently humped uglies with Cody, who I thought was Chrissy’s ex bf?.. shouldn’t it be the other way around? I figured also that Chrissy would be the one bring all upset and awkward.

that was felicity’s fault right wasn’t just me who thought that?

Yes well Felicia may be good friends with Chrissy but my guess is she kinda seems like can’t bring herself to forgive her for perhaps reasons of her own and is still uneasy about having to share a room with someone whom she isn’t very fond of despite the chance to change and show who’s a better person after some time type thing

In all reality Chrissy was the one to seek out Amanda and make bygones be bygone and offered her the chance to leave that little town and grow into something bigger/better than staying get there, since Amanda seemed to be under her mother’s thumb (with a big face slap by her at that ) she awkwardly accepted her offer to leave town and start fresh so that in my book is showing her that she doesn’t dwell in the past by doing that gesture (or am I mistaken?)

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