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#462 End to a New Beginning

#462 End to a New Beginning published on 16 Comments on #462 End to a New Beginning

and we come to the end of this Chapter, Special Thanks to Tony aka Ustudios for writing like 80% of it ^_^ . I know some of you were wondering if the Comic was going in a more action-packed setting , and no that wasn’t the intention I wanted to flesh out both Reiko and Skye and was having trouble doing so with them having ninja backgrounds and all and was wondering How to exactly do it and asked Tony for his input and help . I also wanted to know how these characters would flourish in a more mystical adventure typesetting and Some liked it Some didn’t and that’s completely fine. but now both Reiko and Skye will be taking a leave from the focus of the comic for a bit ( with an occasional phone call here and there ) and the next chapter will deal with Quick, Chrissy, and a few new characters some that you readers are already familiar with.

Thanks again for still reading and being Awesome fans see ya next week


Rei exiting stage right is a good thing IMHO; she’s equal parts mary sue and black hole in that she’s just better then everyone else at everything and sucks up the focus of any scene she’s in with her antics.

If/when she comes back I’m hoping she gets toned down a lot.

The end of a chapter and the start of a new beginning! Personally, I say this chapter as a whole was more of a mix-bag that leans so close to this not being very good. It had a good and interesting beginning that showed the main conflict of the story that got me very excited and wanting to see more of what it had to offer. Then the middle of the chapter (Evil Reiko part) started to feel like it was dragging on for WAY longer than it needed to be, had way too many filler nonsense, like unneeded jokes that killed the pacing, weird cuts in between fights, and unbalanced fight choreography with the punches not look like they had any impact and the weird positions each fighter would be, for example when Evil Reiko kicked Kyoko after tricking her that kept taking me out of the plot. I know that having a more action-packed setting wasn’t the main focus of the entire chapter as you wanted to flesh out characters that needed to be expanded more is a really good goal to be having, but there’s still action involved and it felt like it wasn’t thought out enough, you see the problem in them, or you focused too much on improving Issy, Reiko and Skye that you didn’t put too much focus on the other parts of the story like the middle to make the story stronger. Evil Reiko for the most part was a really good villain to have…. (at first). The build up of her was done well enough with Reiko being pushed by Issy far enough to turn into Evil Reiko and she was entertaining with a plan for her to take over Reiko’s physical body while beating the crap out of her and having pretty good jokes. Sadly, that’s all she had to offer as all she was was just an entity that attacked anyone that was either in her range of vision while mostly just being “LOL I’m evil. Let see how much jokes, references and memes that I can spout out of my mouth.” You would think that after all this time Evil Reiko would do whatever in her power to try and not give the heroes the chance to re-seal her again, but nope! Do whatever you want and act like nothing can stop you even though YES THERE FUCKING IS! It was like watching Android 21, but she was more of a threat and had more focus on what she wanted to do than what Evil Reiko can ever show. Android 21’s plan was to create evil clones of the main fighters and/or turn them into candy to get stronger, and she had a weird food fetish. If it wasn’t for the the ending parts of this story I would have found this a disappointing chapter to read through. From when Reiko went to Skye’s place to the talk at the end I actually liked very much. It saved the chapter as a whole of what I was reading. Reiko talking to Quick and Skye was nicely handled, meeting Issy’s adopted family was a treat to read through and a great change of pace, Issy reading the letter that was given to her by her birth parents was sweet and touching, and the ending to the chapter left a pretty good hopeful feeling for the future. Wish I didn’t suffered getting there, but you get what you get I guess.
This chapter was like me watching “The Goku Black arc” from Dragon Ball Super. It had good beginning with the villain/problem being interesting to look forward to, the middle made the story weak, had crap I didn’t like, and stopped me from caring overall, and the ending didn’t save it, but it was a great way to tie up the story in hope for the future for the characters. I don’t think I will ever come back to this chapter ever again after this because parts of the chapter left a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully the next chapter Mastergodai makes will leave a better impression than what I felt about this entire chapter.

Well now that the current story is “wrapped up” and going back to Christ and Quick my only “rant/concern” is what ever happened to Jazmin and Shin (Skye’s younger brother) after they met up again after so many years apart that she barely recognized him, that was part of the story left unattended, sure it may be great to start off another storyline but what about few loose ends? unless that’s going to be part of the new story then you can dismiss what I just said, I also would want to go back into Nick and Liona now that they are parents to 2 beautiful children the question remains, are they married or not? and when do we get to See Liona’s patents to meet their grandchildren! Who here agrees with me on this?
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