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Well, If Nick had a family reunion, now does Issy, this is what Nick was thinking in his head, back at his “Family Reunion”; “$#%&, %&@&, %’ยฅรท, $&+โ‚ฌ, %-+@ |ร—=|โ€ข, %+=-@%–#, T-+$, Fart, Turd, & Mutt”, LOL XD #Blink182 #Blink182Lyrics And also, now to the point: May God help and give her answers to find Reiko the elements to defeat her demon, now we must pray! #Pray4Reiko look it up on Twitter, & Spread the word ๐Ÿ™‚

Eastern Dragons look closer to Dogs (and cats). While Western Dragons look reptilian.
The only thing really missing for her dad to be a Eastern Dragon is the two long whiskers usually accompanying Eastern Dragons. So the likely hood of him being a Eastern Dragon isn’t high, but not exactly out of the realm, especially if he’s not a first or second generation dragon.

(normally cathy but disqus is gone from the comments i guess? i dont see the option to sign in)
so either she is adopted or she gets 99% of herself from her mom.
for all we know she has Scottish magic in her that just happened to be compatible
wait… could she be…A HIGHLANDER?!
(All jokes aside, yea. what if its scotish xD)

Usually, but not always. Sometimes the horns are portrayed as hair, almost half the time they look like regular horns, sometimes they’re not even present. Generally though the main traits of the Eastern dragon is it’s length (serpentine) and their mane, also wingless.

Two sub primary traits are the two tendril whiskers and then horns, as well as if they’re fully fluffy. You can find a ton of varying portrayals of the Eastern Dragon.

Also as a note, that list I gave was more in the order of “likeliness”. With 1 and 2 being equally likely, and the ones following being less likely than the prior in the list. So #5 is quite unlikely.

yeah I am truthfully a number 1 theory follower was just number 5 couldn’t really see it. I mean I know in eastern dragons do look somewhat a little like dogs but I have always noticed some traits that move away from the overly doglike appearance, also I am sure no one sane wants to touch number 4 on the theory list at least I wouldn’t even if I knew what you were specifically referencing

#4 is a reference to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and the way they handle pony genetics. As in what makes a pony a Earth Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn. And let’s just put it this way: Two Earth Ponies gave birth to twins, one was a Pegasus, and the other a Unicorn.

It was Genetic Shenanigans….

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