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Time out.

Evil Rei’s face in the last panel….Oh my God. That got me.

Hm, a mediocre furry comic referencing a very terrible Superman movie. There’s something philosophical about that.


Hey, nice to know my comment gave someone a laugh, unless it was a sarcastic laugh.

We get it, you don’t like the fact that this comic does what hundreds of others out there are already doing and have been doing for years. If you got something better, or can do better than what mastergodai can do, Without coming off as snide, pompous and negative, then by all means show it. Please do. You’ve really brought nothing to the table other than thinking your negative comments would actually change the direction as you see fit.

If I didn’t like something, or think it was mediocre or bad, I just stopped viewing it. It’s not really hard at all to do. But I think we both can honestly agree that neither of us cares about what the other thinks. So the point is moot at best.

Don’t bother responding Kanashe, I won’t care longer than 0.5 seconds to read it.

Its not a cop out. Its a legitimate comment in this situation.
You apparently dont like the comic, so why do you keep reading?
Unless you just post negativity on here to get people to pay attention to you, which just shows that you need to get an actual life instead of trolling a comment board on a webcomic.

Out of curiosity, what do you consider a good webcomic? What have you read in the past that has spoiled you to the point where you have to bash the creators of other webcomics to satisfy some sort of urge inside of your mind?

Ignore him. Some people just enjoy bashing other peoples likes. That’s all it takes for them. They see that people like something and they have to diss it just to feel good. Now, I’m not saying there isn’t webcomics out there that are better then Rascals. ‘ve read a few. But like people have already said, how “Good” any form of art, as a webcomic is a form of art, is subjective only to the observer.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

Great deduction there Sherlock,where did you learn that. The special snowflake class? Yeah, art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder is all fine and dandy, but ya know what doesn’t exclude webcomics from and that’s being criticized. Unless you guys consider critique as bashing, than ho-boy that opens a whole new can of silly.

You know I really have to agree with a number of Kanashe’s points. I know it’s rather obvious but you’re entitled to read anything and comment on anything you want. I have a similar sort of bile fascination with comics like this, where it’s almost like watching a train wreck in fast forward, I mean seriously this comic went so off-the-rails it’s mind boggling. I mean it just started lifting plots and concepts wholesale from popular anime and did the most bland things with these concepts. But people are also entitled to like what they like, I’m sure there are people out there who unironically enjoy “The Room.”

Okay, quick question skippy: Where have I bashed the creator? I critique the comic, well mostly this comics writing, but I never went “OMG the comic maker is a complete hack! He sucks so horribly, he should never write again!”. Now, you can make an argument that if I criticize their work, that means I attack ’em, but that’s REALLY pulling hairs.

You’re gonna learn to ignore him. The comments section will only get better if it closes out like it does with Las Lindas. Since anything that we say is apparently a known cop out, he feels better if we say nothing at all. Much like how the entire comments section doesn’t exist for Las Lindas. Like seriously, there should be no real reason why it has blown up to 40+ comments, with more than half making up for a problem with this guy.

Not trying to make excuses for the guy, but he’s got every right to post his critique, as much as we have to post about how we hate said morbid critique he delivers. Since he doesn’t register himself, and forces his comments to be read, the best thing to do is to skip by them, and enjoy the comic for what you enjoy it for.

I just wish there was a way to block him so I didnt have to see his negativity every time I look through the comments. Its irritating. I get being able to have a voice on things like this, but eventually, it just comes down to someone making these types of posts just to get a reaction from people. I.E. Trolling.

There isn’t. You can’t block anonymous posters that leave a name and nothing else. So the best thing you can really do, is either not look in the comments, or scroll on by if you wish to post. So long as you enjoy what you see, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. At the end of the day, we’re just people behind a screen. Use that to your own personal advantage.

And I’d wish you guys stop acting like a bunch of wet blankets for a spill. You wanna disagree with my critique, then step forward and let’s have a discussion about it, instead of your tired “Whaaa..Whaaa..Don’ like dun read” or “Whaaa…Whaaa…Yer so negative and mean!”.

Okay, let’s play ball in your court. Explain in detail as to exactly everything you see wrong with what’s going on in the most honest way possible, without expecting someone to read between the lines, and figure it out for themselves. Because it’s very clear that you see something that everyone else doesn’t. So let’s have a discussion on that.

This is not a post for conflict, this is simply clarification. Maybe it can diffuse a lot of problems, to where we won’t see so much conflict. I’m willing to listen, if you’re willing to explain.

What I see as a cop-out is the whole “Well, don’t like it don’t read”. To me, it just feels like this “I have no real counter arguments to your criticism” and plus people treating it like a get out of jail free card or something. I honestly have more respect for people who step up to give counter arguments, and I may not always agree with them, but I’ll least see where their coming from and their reasoning behind it.

Okay, so on to my problems with this story arc. Let’s start with the whole “It’s not Rei’s fault, it’s all our fault” thing. Now, it’s clear that this story Arc is made to have us feel sorry for Rei, her inner demon (which I’ll get into later) and what has happened to her. However, I simply want to ask this: Why should I feel sorry for her or have sympathy for her? Over the course the comic, we’ve seen that Reiko isn’t a good person, infact she’s a very terrible person. Let’s revise: She effs anything that walks, she clearly doesn’t wanna take responsibilities or act mature, she clearly has ego problems (when she breaks up with Skye and the moment she finds out how he’s dating another woman, she flips out and her 1st reaction is to beat up that person). Yet, none of these actions are being called out by other characters, and yet when someone try’s to do it they are treated that THEY are in the wrong. Combined with, when we see the whole “innocent wittle bunny Rei” seems like a very cheap way to garner sympathy for her, it actually reminds me of how in Family Guy there was episode where Brian Griffin was shown as this innocent type, while trough the series we’ve know him as this asshole who everyone hates.

Then there’s the whole demon thing, which kinda feels like a lazy hand wave to try and justify Reikos behavior up until this story arc, not to mention saying how it’s related to her father is kinda the same shtick LL went, when they said how Mora was related to these evil Super Siayans and her father was one of ’em (as I see ’em) even though it was never brought up till this point and comes out left field.

Thank you for your honesty. While this may not get through to everyone else, it at least opens up the book for more dialog. So possible mistakes won’t be made on account of the person viewing the response in general. Now, will that stop anyone? No. But, it will give someone else a little bit more understanding.

And here in also lies another problem: Approaching. I’m also quite guilty of this, but I’m also honest enough to admit it, that there have been times I have got out of line because I thought everyone was on the same page as me, upon my first negative reaction to someone else’s post. That backfired very hard.

Critique and being constructive about it goes both ways. One person can give why they don’t like what they see, same as another person can give why they don’t like the person that gave their reason for what they dislike in general. It applies to all mediums, and not just comics.

It also goes with understanding that everyone’s tastes, and responses to said tastes, will be vastly different by a very huge margin. So for example, if someone like Kanashe doesn’t like what is being displayed, then he will respond in the only way he knows how. For him this is his valid method of critique, and for him it works. Now, will that mean he has to absolutely give a shit? No. Not one person on this planet can possibly be honest about giving a shit towards most things, if they see something out of place. This goes double for comments and all mediums in general.

We can be as vocal as we want to be about the dislike of something. But if is never said as to “why” the dislike is being brought up, or why there is a disagreement to someone else’s own critique, then the argument falls apart, and you’re back at square one.

There still should be no reason this has blown up to almost 50 comments at this point.

Okay, nice touch on the Super Man Returns reference and, if I’m right, the Majin Boo face reference in the last panel there (ironically in the same in body experience too).
Also, something tells me we’ll be seeing some bouncing boob action here in this fight.

So somebody remind me even though I’ve been reading this comic series since the very first page, but are they inside Reiko’s mind or did they cross over into Digimon? Because that background looks sort of like the Digital World to me.

Honestly I feel a little lost and confuse cause so much has happened all of a sudden and I mean no offense. Izzy power, Kyoko’s old rival and master (I think?), and Reiko going from kid to adult in her mind I don’t know about you guys but to me, it feels like a creativity burnout. Like it’s nothing but flash and unexplained moments that’ll never be explained later on, not even in the bonus comics since they’ll never update, like Godai is trying to get through the chapter as fast but also as long as he can to hide his burnout. If he is having one, then I wouldn’t mind if he went on a break put Rascals on hiatus to rest and rethink how to move Rascals forward. I know he has an ending for Rascals but doesn’t know HOW to get there and flats bad. Again, no offense if I say needs a break to rethink about Rascals.

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