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I’m guessing Issy got some of Reiko’s power when they slept together.

Or has her own, I mean what are the chances Reiko would be the only one to have powers?

Welp… about as good as the chances of Humans being the only sapient creatures in the Universe.

So so thirdy percent

It’s actually quite a bit less than that, and since we know life can exist in environments previously thought unlivable to us, it increased the chances of their being life out there exponentially, and thus increased the chances of sapient life.. so.. yeah. Essentially a little less than one percent chance of her being the only one to have these powers since it’s apparent that her father had it and that their is weirder stuff in the canon of this universe. Now I am not saying their is a ton of them that have this power, just that the chances of her being the only one is next to impossible, especially within this series, but atleast it’s not Las Lindas where it would be a literal 0% chance..

If that were the case don’t you think Skye (who’s been boinking her for ages would have some of that power too?) Issy was a 1 time thing (as far as we know) so how would that transfer the power to her just like that? ( think Mcfly think)

Pink hair turning blood red? Green eyes becoming golden?

Curse or not, this may be a good new look for her.

Does Talon have an amputating limbs fetish or something?

I’m guessing that Issy has a hidden potential she wasn’t aware of till this fight unlocked it.

Who else but Issy? XD *In regards to the three way comment.*
So wait, is Issy’s hair turning red because of the potential blood flow or is it because it’s glowing just like the eyes? Also, did she gain her powers because of the time she spent with Reiko in and out of bed?

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