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Okay, THAT is nightmare-inducing. REALLY freaky.

Reminds me of that episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion where Unit-01 went berserk and ate an angel, and the episode ended with Unit-01 roaring, it’s eyes pure white circles like Reiko’s.

Really freaked me out, even though I was pretty much an adult when I first saw the episode, so this freaks me out also.

Seriously? No, seriously? Great, now we’re pulling the same dumb BS as Las Lindas did, character has some super uber hidden power and said power is related to a character we have never seen or got mentioned before. Like, can we make a drinking game out of how many cliches we’re getting in this one story arc.


Simple as that, just stop showing up here and it won’t bother you.

If you hate this comic so damn much then please stop reading, it’s not FOR YOU! IT’S FREE AND IT’S A WEBCOMIC.

Stop bitching, some complaining, you are not “criticizing” you are just whining because you don’t get the comic YOU want, it is NOT YOUR FUCKING COMIC.


Just because something is Free and a webcomic does not make it exempt from criticism.
When you put something out for people to publicy consume then you are saying, “Tell me what you think of my work!” Not everyone is going to like the same thing you are.

Yes it does, because the creator is taking their time and money to host this, they are taking THEIR time to host it and YOU guys think “if I insult him, he’ll change everything just for me!”

If anything YOU should be criticized, here it comes little man, YOU can’t barge here demanding and screaming about how cliché something is and act like you have the high ground, at best you will cause somebody to avoid and ignore future honest criticisms and at worse cause another creator to quit making less content.

YOU want every to be homogenized to the tvtrope standards of writing for everyone instead of letting creators make what they want for their niche audience.

LASTLY YOU come here, of your own free will, YOU can avoid it of your free will.

AND before you get on your damn high horse answer me, why, why do you KEEP returning? WHY?! It’s obvious you hate this comic with a burning passion, why don’t you make your own?

By putting anything up publicly, online or otherwise, you are subject to criticism. Period.

Also, please do not patronize, harass, or otherwise other readers in the comment section. People are allowed to voice their opinions, really shouldn’t expecting everyone online to be tactful or polite. However, it’s up to the mods and creators to deal with the comments if they see fit. We don’t need readers going after other readers just cause they don’t like what someone says.

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this comic has been homogenized since day one and hits just about every trope you can think of. I didn’t think it was possible, but Rascals actually managed to out Las Lindas, Las Lindas. As for why I keep coming back here its because I want to see if it improves and so far it hasn’t.

Go back to the Chalo thread on U-18chan with the rest of the LL-bashing vermin, where you belong.

Hey, not my fault LL is so terrible that it deserves the bashing it gets.

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