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Love Talon and I hate to say this but Talon got Kyoko beat in the bust department.

Maybe so but having a big bust isn’t everything especially if you are a martial artist, when that mass can throw your center of gravity aside or get in your way inadvertently

I think I speak for everyone when I say that 1: We DEFINILY need an image of Kyoko and Talon comparing bust sizes! And 2: These two DEFINITLY need to fuck.

Also on a side not, what kinda animal is Talon anyways?

She’s supposed to be bovid.

Shes supposed to be what?

You know, this started out as life in a college or something, and now it’s got superpowers and ninjas. I’m baffled by this madness, but I’m starting to grow to loving it all.

Thank the tie in comics, in canon of this comic series, since quite a long time actually, advanced Cybernetics, Android bodies, Laser weapons, Magic, Chi, and Ninja academy rivalries have been canon, now they don’t have anything as OP as a Prime, like a certain other comic on Katbox, but they do have some very dangerous beings. Also, not any actual superpowers have been displayed yet, so far it’s just been Chi and Magic.

I think that they call it genre slippage or something like that (since I can’t access TVtropes anymore I can’t look up the right trope name). You started in one type of genre and somehow it becomes something else entirely either intentionally or accidentally.

DANG! I’ve never ever seen Kyoko that ticked off before. And I can see why too with the whole losing one of her two ears.
Also, I thought Talon was older based on the the Goyoku pages.
Also, calling it now. Shipping Demon Reiko and Talon. XD

Someone has mellowed, though it’s good to see that her rivalry and sassiness has not wavered one bit. Also, Evil Reiko, would suggest maybe giving up, you’ve got your mother, sister, the Master Dragon, and the women who beat your mother and took her right ear, all against you.. I don’t think this is gonna end well for ya.

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