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#420 Mother’s Sentiment

#420 Mother’s Sentiment published on 25 Comments on #420 Mother’s Sentiment

Yes I have watch Riiser’s video , and y’know what it was very entertaining , Wow some of those Older pages were indeed awful XD

this is one of the fears I had when i started Rascals was creating cringeworthy pages but y’know what as bad as they are Im Glad I finally got off my butt and started it ^_^

live and learn as I go on . I may  redo some of those pages if I ever get the time to  especially some of those Long winded ones  anyways  enjoy guys I may be doing some early updates this weekend


In terms of redoing some of those pages, I’m not necessarily against it, but I like to see the progression and evolution of your art style over the years. You, Chalo, Tom (creator of Two Kinds), and more, I’ve seen quite a few comic artists who have improved their style over the years, and I always love to see that progression.

So if you ever do redo those pages, please don’t delete the old ones. Either file the old ones or the new ones into a separate archive for continued viewing.

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