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…M’kay, so it actually IS Reiko, not some trapped demon?

Maybe, the jury’s still out on that one………………
It may be a sort of “Hulk” scenario, same guy, just hopped up on pure rage……
This incarnation of Reiko may just be her fear manifested as a separate “personality”, will full access to her abilities….

Huh, all of a sudden, Reiko’s sclera turned black on this page. In the other pages, her sclera were white. Does this mean that she’s being possessed by a demon who’s slowly taking over her body, mind, and soul? Can’t wait to find out!

Her Sclera turned black on page 416 on the bottom panel.

No, they’re still white at the end of Page 416. The sclera is what we commonly know as the whites of our eyes. And hers are still white in 416.

her sclera are black. the lighting just makes them look a bit lighter.but they’re black.

Black sclera is not an uncommon thing as wolves and some foxes have them (my Black fox girl Silphia has them)

Did not know that, but in the case of Reiko, her sclera (the whites of her eyes), turned black for some reason, despite being white a couple of pages ago, so my guess is demonic possession. Or MasterGodai decided to change it up for some reason (that, or he dun goofed :P).

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