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All that power, but if you are angry, it is unfocussed, undirected. Izzy is trying to get Rei to FOCUS. Focus through the anger and you discover the true cause. And once you face it, you realize it has no power over you. You control it, not the other way around. Or at least that’s what my favorite buddhist monk here in LA tells me every couple of weeks. >.>!

I’m starting to get a rough idea of what Issy’s trying to do here.

Reiko doesn’t actually want to end things with Skye. She’s just scared shitless of the demon power in her blood turning her into a monster again someday and hurting (or even killing) Skye and other people she cares about. That much has already been made obvious.

What it looks like Issy’s trying to do is draw out the demon while Reiko is still in possession of her senses (the last time it came out, she had completely given in to rage when that crazy mystery bitch tricked her into thinking Skye had been killed). By drawing out the demon while Reiko is lucid and (at least somewhat) clear-headed, she has a chance of managing to get a grip on her demon power and gain control of it. Once she can control the demon, she won’t have to worry about hurting Skye anymore, and she won’t have any need to push him away or avoid getting into a serious relationship with him anymore.

That is, of course, assuming that Reiko CAN gain control of the demon power, and assuming that Issy can survive that long.

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