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Issy is lying, unless she was hit in the mouth, the only way she could be bleeding from there is if her lungs were punctured. Which means doing this is literally killing her at this stage.

Actually, there are a number of reasons one can bleed out the mouth- including clacking your teeth, biting the inner cheek/tongue, etc. Even jostling can cause a form of mallory-weiss tear internally. If her lungs were punctured, she wouldn’t be standing so easily. Gotta remember, human logic doesn’t exactly need to be interjected into all fiction, let alone with characters with much more physical prowess, training, and endurance than normal people.

Exactly, blood from the mouth is almost a requirement in fiction especially anime to represent someone took a serious hit and generate sympathy for the character (at least if they’re on the good guy side, otherwise it’s to generate ‘yes finally!’ for a bad guy to show he’s finally being worn down).

Am I the only one who finds Reiko looking kinda badass here? I love how her color scheme changed. She almost seems divine now, as if she achieved some sort of godlike status. I’d love to see more of this in the future. Maybe even having Skye be put in grave danger, and Reiko having to unlock her full power, learning to control it, and saving Skye.

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