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I’m REALLY hoping that Issy doesn’t get to hurt from this. I don’t want the cute white tiger cutie to be hurt!

She’sa Liger actually.

Oh, this is getting hot and sexy super fast! I must say that this is going to be quite the interesting fast.

Dibs on Rei’s jeans getting nicely ripped!

Issy? Not saying that I doubt your martial arts skills, but… you’re gonna die.

Kyoko: “Jazmin! What does the scouter say about her power level?”
Jazmin: *crushes the scouter with her thighs, just because* “IT’S OVER 8168008135!!!”
(Fifty internet points if you see what I did there)

?? *Googles it* *spots a result from Twitter* …Ah.

*does a Google search, doesn’t find any explicit indication of what I was referring to*

On the off-chance that you thought it meant something other than what I intended, it spells “BIGBOOBIES” when you convert the numbers into their letter lookalikes.

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