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Even assuming she can break the seal her Mom placed on her demon side, Issy, do you even realize what you’re asking for? Have you ever heard that old saying about grabbing a tiger by the tail? (Considering your species, I’m reasonably certain you have) Because if you grab THIS particular tiger’s tail, you may very well end up screwed regardless of whether you hold on to that tail or let it go and try to flee.

As bad as this may seem, Issy really is doing what’s best for Reiko. Skye loves her, and wants to have a life with her. But she is using this “curse” as an excuse to keep ‘the party’ going. Reiko needs to come to terms with this “curse”, and Issy is willing to help her understand how it really works.

Willing, yes.
Able? Hopefully…

Weeellllll….Shit……I love Issy ever since she came to the series, but Jesus, this side of her is genuinely frightening….and it’s probably because a) she might get killed by seeing Reiko unchained with her powers, and b) the steely determination that would stop me in my tracks if i intervened from said goal, like right now. You mean well, but at least think about what the risks encompass, especially with God Mode Reiko.

I still don’t even know what this “curse” even is. Did I miss it somewhere?
Is it that she’s super fertile (like a bunny) and she’s afraid of overwhelming Skye with all the babies she’s give birth to? Or is it something actually more serious. I’ve read the comic from the start in the past but never saw it actually explained beyond “It’s a curse and I can’t be with you because of it”.

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