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But now the question is, is Reiko going to try and grow up and give her and Skye another chance, or will Skye and Paige end up getting together? Personally, I’m hoping for the former. Reiko needs the character development, and this could very well be her wake-up call. I don’t want to see her and Skye lose each other, so I’m hoping Reiko will try to become a mature adult to make it work.

Spacefan it is apparent that they both are in the forgive and forget path and Rei is almost there but now it’s Skye’s turn to get there and as strong as he is he too is emotionally at his breaking point and is requesting Paige to please be there in which case she is willing to do so. and after all is said and done they will once again stand together as one sturdy couple, with her help

Reiko is so afraid of this “curse”, but perhaps growing up is the means to reverse it, or at least gain more control over it. Perhaps Jazmin can give her some pointers. I have always admired Jazmin for her maturity, even if she could stand to have a little bit more fun in her life (not as much as Reiko, mind you!).

Jazmin has the same power as Reiko, but she has better control over it.

Which “power” is this you speak of ? Please elaborate because all we saw long ago was some flashback story without any full details

That flashback story is actually all we really know about it. At least as far as I know. Reiko learned or inherited some technique or power from her mother, and lost control of it while at the academy. Nick was nearly killed, and suffered permanent harm to his arm that made him leave the academy.

It’s somewhat ironic, really, since that incident is what led to him meeting Leona.

Anyways on a side note I do not know whom was Mr Chester Bennington but may God rest his soul if he was a part of the Rascals community, may he be with the cast in spirit as he was in life

man if only something sci-fi can happen it would make the comic interesting but other than that it’s an awesome comic!

Then go find another comic, seeing as how this one isn’t a sci-fi one.

oh no I’m not hating on the comic I like it I’ve been reading it for 5 years by now, what I meant was when I want something sci-fi I meant something similar to some of my favorite anime like the tenchi series or Ranma 1/2 but with martial arts and a little bit of supernatural elements I couldn’t find any comics related to that because they always try to make stories be similar to Marvel or DC comics.

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