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HOLY SNAP! I can’t believe Paige just b**** slapped her and got away with it too. I have to say it was well deserved in my opinion given (1) the fact that she didn’t fight for Skye, (2) she was clearly acting hysterical, and (3) she didn’t even hear her out about what was going on in the first place.

DAMN! That must have hurt!

Although, in reality, slapping someone who is angry and out of control to get them to calm down doesn’t work, despite it working in TV, movies, and comics. I know that first-hand (no pun intended). It only makes them angrier and more out of control; and you risk them hitting you back.

It happened many years ago: my Dad accidentally dropped a bottle of ketchup on the floor, and it burst open (a plastic bottle, mind you, not a glass bottle). He threw a hissy fit, telling my Mom to get the paper towels, but she couldn’t because he was in the way. I tried telling my Mom to walk around the house to get to them, but by the time I went around myself, I saw her slapping him, and he immediately responded by slapping her right back. They then got into a shouting match, accusing each other of being out of control. Eventually, my Mom and I had to leave the house, because I had a doctor’s appointment to go to.

My Mom thought that TV emulated real life, and that’s why she slapped my Dad, but she got a hard dose of reality that day, and so did I. In all, it was a bad experience for a kid to watch, but it provided a valuable life lesson, for both me and my Mom: do not hit someone whose emotions are rampaging out of control. You will only make the problem worse.

Sad to hear that something like that happened (and I know all about shattering plastic ketchup bottles, have had it happen at least twice), you’d think it would be obvious to people that striking someone who’s hysterical like that would make things worse but as you say television has conditioned them to believe the opposite. I hate to think how many incidents have been made worse by people repeating what they’ve seen on TV and slapping someone thinking it would actually calm them down.

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