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Oh man, explanations needed a PLENTY.

Maybe so but now is just not the time for that until she clears her head some

True, but I was thinking more so about Paige explaining what happened.

It seems fairly clear to me. Reiko showed up in a huff, pulled Paige outside, got punched (maybe slapped) in the face, told off (that Paige is not actually a rebound girlfriend), and lastly hugged after the telling off.

i hope these two can figure it all out… these things hurt the worst and if not taken care of properly, sting into really bad blood; grudges that can last years. i don’t think they “hate” each other, its just Rei has Commitment issues and Skye has to balance loving his Girlfriend and keeping his Parents from hating his guts. personally i think he should tell his mom to fuck off, and let Rei come to it slowly, as i am sure they’ll get more serious eventually even if this didn’t happen

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