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well i thought there be alot of thing being blown up by this a better change of pace

I wonder if Reiko is going to let Skye go with Paige or ask to be back with him. I really believe she’ll push him to be with Paige so they both can have a family and Skye can avoid Reiko’s family curse since that’s the main reason Reiko didn’t want to settle with him. I’d be okay if he goes with Paige. It’s her second chance to settle down and start a family.

That might be a slim possibility but i dont think thats the case, maybe Rei needed a step back to look at the whole picture in their relationship and perhaps come to terms with her own doubts and personal fears before deciding what to do next, (yknow some personal growth)
Maybe now if her and Skye talk things out she might go back to him (just the same way Chrissy did with Quick) feeling confident that they are meant to be together. What do you think?

I think a ten-second flashback is in order. A lot can happen in just a few seconds.

It’s a must for them to talk it out, but I don’t want to cut Paige out of this since I feel that she has her own motives to be with Skye. Reiko does need some realization but Skye is at a point where he has waited long enough and feels he has given her enough time to decide, being all those years till graduation. Not sure if he’ll want to wait a bit more for her.

stupid question but what is Reiko’s family curse? I must have missed the summary of it.

I’m not sure really. I recall Reiko being some weapon or something when she was telling Liona on how she broke Nicks arms when the group took a trip to the bathhouse. Other then that, I don’t recall another mention about it since that’s as close as we’ll get. Make sense?

She basically is host to a very dangerous power that can pass on through their family bloodline. She considers it a curse because she becomes violent and doesn’t differentiate between friend and foe when in that state. In doing so, she broke both Nick’s arms (to where he has maybe 25% of actual use and feeling of them) when he tried to hold her back during one incident. It’s made her distant and completely opposed to settling down, as 1) she doesn’t want to pass it on, or even if so, she’s afraid of hurting anyone again if she triggers the power (be it her partner or future children), and 2) she’s very free-spirited and not super committed to succeeding her family, unlike her sister. She likes her freedom otherwise. Doesn’t see herself really raising children or teaching.

There are good and bad aspects to these choices, and a lot of the time, Reiko herself has made some selfish ones because of both reasons.

Welp, somone just got a good slap for being an arrogant idiot. :
Good job, Paige!
And woohoo for the comment section getting back to work! (^0^/)

Okay, let’s break down the most possible chain of events:
1. Reiko started to use abusive words.
2. Paige slapped some sense back to Reiko.

3. Reiko finally broke down.
Did I get this right?

I kept wondering what everyone was talking about in the comments with all the “Paige slapped Reiko” business…

…and THEN I saw the red mark on Reiko’s cheek.

Damn. Way to bitchslap the lit stick of drama-mite out of Reiko before the fuse burned all the way, Paige.

Now, let’s hope she can play mediator between Skye and Reiko, and hopefully get those two dummies back together…

Paige would never Betray Reiko. She is definitely a close enough to Slap Reiko in the face and get away with it to tell her the truth to bring her back to reality. She probably told her the story of her and Nick. “I messed up and missed my chance. Don’t do the same thing I did.”

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