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Shiro’s no man. I CAN TELL!!! they’re too pretty and i see bindings under that shirt.


I dont think those were bindings ever hear of Under Armor sports wear thats what it looks like
Also on the semi feminine look on his face its kind of norm to portray a guy with a handsome face in manga (Godai always strives for that style) as for Miles and Rachael strolling by just a cameo of sorts as always as they are in the same”universe”

Are the speech bubbles in panel 4 confusing?

And the count down continues for our 400th episode milestone with the story heating up with the appearance of Skye’s not so little brother Shiro who looks like a hunk now (a flashback might pop up folks as to his previous look, or not) buuut Jazmin looks like shes smitten all of a sudden and Chrissy looks confused of sorts til next chapter of Rascals Z XD

Oh neat! I see a @Chalo ‘s Miles and Rachael as a couple! This is so boss.

And I may be reading too much into this, but it looks like Chrissy is seriously thinking about her relationship too and how strong it is given the recent events with Skye and Reiko. But A for effort there in trying to change the subject there Chrissy, but the world still isn’t ready for your cooking. XD

AND FINALLY!!! We meet Skye’s brother. And at first glance, I may be reading way too much into this, but is it me or does he look feminine, especially in the face/chin/eyelash area? Now that I think about it, he looks like a furry version of Ranma 1/2!

Miles cameo! Sup Miles!!!

Are you happy about that?

Is there a reason not to be? No wonder you don’t get invited to parties.

MILES SUCKS!!! Have you ever read what the complaints are about this character? Did you do it at least? 90% of the furry community hates “Las Lindas” and almost everything that closely related to that piece of shit called comic.

And yet here you are, on a “furry” webcomic, throwing a temper tantrum. I’m curious, why did you choose to attack me? Lots of others here that like Miles, but you go full spaz on me.

I wonder if you’ll even be able to see this reply after I block you…

I see that you are one of those who likes more than too the related art of Las Lindas as to ignore everything that makes a good webcomic. I’ll repeat it one more time, Miles sucks. Thousands, believe it or not, is the fursona of one of those who works to make Las Lindas what it is now, a stupid piece of shit for teenage pubes. Again, if you want to know why this character is hated by everyone, ask those who comment on Las Lindas and they will tell you because he is so shitty, like the rest of the characters in that … comic. I said it before and I’ll say it again, this comic is ok. And being honest, I do not understand why the author of this comic took all the bad things about Las Lindas and put it in his comic, it just does not make sense. Personally I have no problems with having a cameo in comic or in another. The problem is that they showed Miles and Rachael as a couple. THAT’S WHAT AFFECTS ME SO MUCH !! And you know something? If you want to block me just because I said what 90% of the furry
community thinks about how shitty Miles is as a character, well. The stupid fanboys from what I see are always going to make their own, no matter where they are. Ah, another thing. My friend paid money for this and, being csayer I do not like this comic
but I want to see how it ends, if I want to say everything that is wrong with this comic. Welcome to the internet, my friend!

So this is Shiro, eh? Okay, I can see how he would look more like the mother, whilst Skye looks more like the father. Understandable. And nice hair, BTW. Reminds me of Ramna ½.

Come to think of it… Didn’t Jazmin say that he went away for training six years ago? You don’t suppose he did some of that training in the Valley of Drowned Pools, do you? It’s a wild guess based on the Ramna ½ reference? Maybe that’s why Mom’s not all that eager of him running the school. And it would explain the hair (still nice, though…).

Let me guess, this story takes place in the same universe as “Las Lindas”, right? I demand an answer, now!

yup, it’s been cannon for a while now

So, it’s comic that could hardly be considered as Ok takes place in the same universe as Las Lindas, one of the worst furry webcomics ever created… And people pay money for this?!

Las Lindas isn’t one of the worst webcomics ever!
I mean both Rascals and Las Lindas are still great but the creators are not the same person.

uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…… im not the only one seeing how he kinda looks like a hunkier Quick right? i mean obviously quick doesnt have those stripes but im just saying….he sorta caries many of the same visual traits besides being more athletic.
Jaz has a type i think

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