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I hate Skylar’s mom. she’s stupid. and Skylar shouldn’t care what his mother thinks. just tell her to fuck off then do what ya want, that’s what i did with my parents.

I’d definitely advise against that. Going your own way is one thing, burning bridges that will *definitely* be useful later is another.

yeah yeah. i know that’s the logical thing to do. but unfortunately I am a stupid human who makes decisions based on emotion rather than Logic. despite the fact i want to make logical decisions, my Human brain keeps it from happening. i wish i was a computer… that way i could be logical all the time.

actually isn’t because of emotions that we are able to live in are society I mean most apocalyptic stories involve societies that surrendered emotion for logic it’s about balance find ways to keep emotions in check while remaining in touch with them that way you don’t see killing a guy as a logical solution to a situation

She has issues with big breasted girls.

Maybe something happened in her life that caused it

So, what,… they didn’t pay him enough when he was FNW World Champion, or did he spend it all already? 😛

From what i know a professional wrestling contact isn’t that profitable when you add in all the expenses to keep the job

I’m not that big a fan of wrestling so fuck knows

Hmmm? Skye and Paige? Does anyone see them as an item cause I’m imagining a lot of fan art involving the both of them for some reason?

anr why not? Paige is sexy a cool looking gal somewhat strong so yeah she could be Skye’s new GF if they wanted to

I know. The reason I asked is because I got a few ideas for a series of fan art pics involving Skye and Paige. Way I see it, I can see Paige with Skye. I mean who wouldn’t want a sexy, gorgeous woman like her. Hell, I just got an idea for an original character inspired by Paige.

That reminds me of a old episode with Al Bundy. Kelly had a new boyfriend and Al was like: OK mister, I dont know who you are and I dont care! You want to date my daughter? It will take you years of hard work before I even think about accepting you! So, how do you earn money?
My family owns several small companies and…

Charlotte’s issue is that she can’t trust HER HUSBAND around the “big boobers”. She’s upset because Hubby went on a threesome with Ms. Usagi… and WITHOUT HER. Needless to say, she knows her husband will always have a soft spot for the big boobs, and she can’t compete with that. Now, she may be accepting that Paige’s big boobs come with an even bigger paycheck, but I can’t believe she’ll want her hubby to get too close to her new daughter.

Which has me thinking… Does this mean Paige will be introduced to the rest of Skye’s family (including Shiro!) in the next page?

Deep down inside, I believe Skylar’s mom has boob envy…or was secretly in a relationship with someone with big boobs that lied to her and stole her heart. Just saying… XD
And to be fair, money does tend to solve everything. Seriously, I laughed so hard at the last row of panels as the zeros reminds me of boobs 0_0_0_0

What is the curse Reiko’s so afraid of?

Well… It’s kind of like going totally Super Saiyan when she loses her temper (part Dragonball Z, part Hulk). Her hair glows and her ears stand up. The last time that happened, Nick (who was attending the school at the time) tried to calm her down, and she damaged his arms. His arms have a permanent numbness and was not able to graduate. So he worked as Liona’s bodyguard…and soon became her husband.

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