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Wait… who is Auntie Charl again?

Charlotte Roarx, Skye’s sweet, kind, understanding mother. Remember Graduation Day? She wants Skye to run her academy and date Jazmin instead of Reiko.

Now that she knows about the break-up, she’ll be putting that plan to action. God help anyone who tries to tell her otherwise…

Why do I get the feeling that Skye is going to go all angry Nick on Liona, assuming that he survives his mother’s rage and/or excitement? I say rage and/or excitement mind you as I can’t tell if she’s going to be upset about Skye ditching his “responsibilities” or gleeful that he broke up with Usagi family as she clearly has boob envy…or hots for them. I can’t tell.

Read the last bubble in vegetas voice, couldn’t do it any other way lol

I hate to ask, but who is Auntie Charl? Has she appeared or been mentioned in a previous comic?

Believe it or not, she’s Skye’s mother. Now that he has graduated, she wants him to start running her school (the rival school of Usagi’s school). She would also rather see him dating Jazmin instead of Reiko. Now that she knows about the break-up, let us all sit back and watch as she puts her nefarious scheme into action.
And pray for Skye while you’re at it…

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