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Damn I was expecting some good make out session chrissy!

Villager: but nobody expects the spani- *bang!* *bang!* *bang!* *bang!*

*blows smoke off gun!* *camera pans to all the dead bodies of the Spanish inquisition!* What Spanish inquisition?

Wait, I’m a bit confuse. How’d we get to a mid life crisis for Chrissy? I thought this was about Rei’s break up.

No, no, she ain’t having a mid-life crisis. She just can’t believe Reiko didn’t bite and just told her she wasn’t in the mood. Normally, Reiko would’ve jumped at the opportunity. But with what happened, she ain’t caring for that. Life came an calling and Reiko has to now in her own way, must answer the door.

That part I now understand. Still, I find it a bit of a shock and out of character for Chrissy to do that. Looking back, I never seen Chrissy pull this stunt. No doubt, Chrissy is a good friend yet I never thought Chrissy would do that. Plus she’s not drunk right now either. This is a surprise for me. That’s my confusion.
As for Rei, I understand her attitude and not feeling for it.

It’s amazing how rejection can quickly affect one’s self-esteem…, but to some degree, it put an end to Reiko’s workout. And Chrissy should really be thankful that Raven isn’t there to witness that…

Then again… Perhaps she is…

Particularly when you’ve gotten used to them chasing after your tail, without that it wouldn’t bother her so much it’s because it was normal for Reiko to constantly harass her then here she totally blew it off that was so incredibly shocking to her and left her questioning her looks.

Other people talking about the comic “some rally well thought out philosophy and actually nice analysis”,and then there’s me,”why didn’t she grab the tidy.”

Saying this comic has thought out philosophy is kinda stretching it. More like it has some likeable characters, if a bit flat. Let’s be honest, this is a series that is just a vessel for fanservice half the time with the other half having some actual decent emotional scenes.

I am just worried this breakup of my favorite couple in the series, when they were discussing their future and if they want the same thing which is a promising set up, is just an excuse to draw more fanservice or lewds of them with other characters.
I mean, I was pretty disappointed with all the arcs devoted to Quick’s relationships since it just feels like typical harem stuff.

Question to @Mastergodai ! is the bakery open to everyone or just Reiko? Asking as I wouldn’t mind groping her cinnabuns. XD
Granted that I’m too late to make the pigs flying or the hell freezing over puns, I will say that I’m actually shocked that Chrissy would expose herself like that, especially to Reiko, in public. She must really be getting more comfortable with her body. Also, that last panel is freaking hilarious as it reminds me of Raven whenever she needed some reassurances way back in the spa night arc.

XD if you look at her reaction in the second panel. it ALMOST worked. reiko just has nerves of steel right now XD

I think Reiko was just surprised to see Chrissy exposing herself the way, while we are all used to Chrissy’s prude nature.
Add to that that even if Reiko wasn’t mourning her break-up with Skye, Chrissy would unusually exhibit herself, whitch would be suspicious : “Chrissy, since when do you set Baits with your Boobs ? Are you trying to manipulate me ?”

Dear God…

…not even the cinna-bunbuns had any effect on Reiko’s condition…


I’m afraid this is now going to call for extremely… drastic measures…

Dr. Godai… Fetch Leena, Olga, Paige, Rally, Jennifer, Sanaki, Revy, Leona, Zoey, Jupiter, Mitsu, Felicia, Jahida, Amanda, and Kyoko–YES, I SAID EVEN AMANDA AND KYOKO, DAMMIT– and have them all gather in Reiko’s room in the house wearing easily removable tops and shorts. Hell, if you can convince Jazmin to join in, so much the better.

We have no choice but to subject Reiko to the most powerful treatment method modern science can provide… yes, I know it’s dangerous, potentially even lethal… the sheer power of it has been known to kill even the strongest-willed men from sheer blood loss by nosebleed alone… but Reiko is no man… she’s a bi woman with a martial arts master’s disciplined mind… she should be able to handle the treatment.

Either way, this is the only recourse we have left available right now… gather the girls in Reiko’s room wearing the necessary attire… it’s time to subject Reiko to…


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