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They just said nothing?……………………..can someone make them or force them in one room and lock it? cause these two need to talk and not be all silent CAUSE THAT SOLVES NOTHING!

Actually the silence from Reiko says it all. She was asked “Do you want to be with me?” and her answer was silence. Which means no.

Not only that the Tears said it too and he too shed some tears as he walked away, but what really gets me is we see her in the restaurant crying saying it’s over he’s gone making it sound like it was all his doing and that grinds my gears from that perspective

Arrrrg I hate it when couples end it like this. Skye loves her and wants to have a family with her, yet Reiko just wanted to be with him and just live life….yet now I get the feeling Reiko never thought of just planning a future…just going with the flow….and yet….why say nothing and yet still feel sad and cry about it later? Skye thinks it’s over cause Reiko said nothing to him thinking that she doesn’t love him anymore, yet Reiko is crying too?….if she doesn’t love him then why cry?…..DANG IT I HATE THIS DRAMA! yet makes the story good

You know, the sadness of the scene takes a bit of a hit with Reiko still needing to be drawn showing off how busty she is.

It’s the one downside of really busty characters..

actually knowing some girls that are… aproaching Reikos size the position she is in her boobs are actually in a rather realistic position

I know they are, knew plenty of busty chicks from my Highschool..

I’ve expected a heated argument from this two, but a silent answer is alot worse in my opinion..
I can’t blame Skye for walking away.
As it once was shown in Jay Naylor’s “Better Days” – “If someone asks you, whether you love your partner or not and there’s a Pause in your answer, then you doubt your feelings.”
Now THAT’S A PAUSE, it’s so thick you can cut it with a knife. :

I’m not going to lie, but this is quite the dynamic page here. As all these quotes about silence I’m going to post here all share is that there is power in saying absolutely nothing.

She used words to say nothing at all and silence to explain everything. ~Sonya Teclai
Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to say something that means nothing. ~The #185 Rule of a Gentleman
Sometimes you just gotta stay silent cause no words can explain the s*** that’s going on in your mind and heart. ~That Guy
Saying nothing…sometimes says the most. ~Emily Dickinson

Is the Curse Really so bad that she fears having cursed babies would make matters worse? There is no signs that show she doesn’t have control over it. Or does she enjoy her Freedom that much she denies herself the happiness she was looking for all along. Or she’s in a Tough spot and everything is happening too fast for her? One of the fastest ninja around and she wants things like this slow. Sorry I like to over think many possibilities.

The heck with her then she will realize after some time apart that she will need him and come looking for him instead, same way Chrissy came looking for Quick after barely 3 days they encountered each other and Quick told her what he was going to do and she came back to him, so perhaps the same will happen to them

The stars may be out tonight, but their twinkling pales in comparison to the glistening from their tears. Only time will tell if having some time apart will bring them back together.

Silence really can speak volumes…

They will get back together but for the time being a brief split may do some good, if there is 1 thing we know here is Nothing is permanent all for the sake of growth and strengthen bonds (in most cases) remember I’m Calling it Now!!!

Nah, I get the feeling this is to free them both up so they can have sexy times with more characters.Quick has got his harem thing going and they introduced quite a few new characters in the last few months, so I would wager they will at least stay apart for some time for more smut potential with multiple partners. Fuck working out your problems and all. Not saying I like or support that decision, but well, you know. Fanservice comic and all

WTF is this?! It is like I am reading one of those horrible put together fanfics with the “a single tear on my cheek” shit. I am disappointed in you.

It’s called EMOTIONS, kid, do you even have them?!

The worst breakups are when no words are said at all. That shit HURTS, but I guess you couldn’t know, since you clearly lack the basic understanding of what heartbreak feels like.

Okay, over reaction there. Didn’t argue his point, kinda just attacked him personally. Geez.

But I can see Sweet Maple’s point. It’s at night, wind is blowing their hair, their tears only come down in small sparkling droplets with neither looking towards one another….just kinda feels like a 90s anime trope. Kinda hurts the impact. I liked the setup and the dialogue beforehand, but this kinda felt like it was from some other scene.

The silence from Reiko is a resounding “I DON’T KNOW!” not no. I’m very similar in making big decisions that are life impacting, I need to ponder a long time on those, and usually cannot give an answer “right on the spot” like what was expected.

Does anyone see the possibility of Jen getting back with Skye? I’m just curious.

Yeah. I liked him and Reiko together a lot, both as a kinda lighthearted combo of outgoing people, and as a more serious couple, but I think that is going to get sidelined for more romance drama. It’s kinda the crux of this whole story, other threads get opened up, but this comic has always leaned hard of romance and pairing stuff. So screw the after college arc and get on with them sexing it up with the other characters!

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