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Time to make a choice here. What’s that choice? One way or another Reiko. You can’t keep running. You have got to make decisions and LIVE with them. Just like Skye does.

Not exactly Running but the choice to be with anyone without repercussions or having to answer to anyone because of whichever actions she does is what’s causing the dilemma the loss of her Freedom is what she’s afraid of more or less no commitments or bluntly put (wham bam thank you cya around sometime) is kind of the way she’s used to being or am I wrong?

It’s clear she does want to be with him but she’s still afraid of the curse.

Just as I’ve said before – Skye is perfectly well aware of the curse, nor he wants to have kids all that bad (it’s his parents that wish to have grandchildren), he’s still young and want to stay a bit irresponsible himself for a lil’ longer.
But here lays the line between him and Reiko – he wants to be irresposible for a “lil’ bit”, but tie himself down with her, while she doesn’t want to be responsible in any means, nor be tied down.
And since we saw the outcome of their chat, we know that she eighter worded things wrong or outright told him she doesn’t want to marry him and then he left.
But, we’ll see the truth pretty soon. One way or another, now Reiko will be forced to set her mind straight on what she TRULLY want of her life.

Umm… can someone remind me what this curse is about again?

Well, it’d be easier to explain with the archive this site used to have, but here goes…

During their schooling years at the school Reiko’s mother runs, a troublesome student from a rival school (which Skye’s mother runs) pushed Reiko’s temper past the boiling point, and she became what I call a Super Saiyan Bunny. She was out of control. Nick tried to stop her, and she ended up breaking both his arms. It took Reiko’s mother jabbing her at certain pressure points to stop her (think Oogway stopping Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda). Reiko was unconscious for a while, but Nick’s arms took a lot of muscle damage; he was not able to graduate.

Reiko does feel guilty about that; she was not able to face him for a while. Liona did eventually get her to open up about it. We learn about it in a flashback.

She did display a bit of it when Cody came and harassed Chrissy. And Jazmin has that power too. We saw that after Chrissy told her that she and Quick had kissed and made up. I think Jazmin has better control of her power since she didn’t lose control despite being upset.

Hopefully, that explains the curse. I hope… If I’m incorrect about any of it, please let me know.

I understand what you say (whether or not it’s correct, I don’t know), but that doesn’t seem like a curse to me; that’s just anger management. Am I missing something?

It’s probably a matter of definition, Reiko considers it a curse because she can’t control it and probably has been too afraid to even try to control it since it requires triggering it to try and control it, plus it gives her an excuse to not commit because of ‘the curse’.

Wait a minute…I thought Skye wanted kids. Or did he simply want the kids to get his mother off his back about taking over the family academy. Regardless, it does seem that Skye is kind of allowing other people, especially his parents, to easily influence his decisions here. Glad to see that he made his own wishes clear in the second to last panel. But man…that last panel is so boss with the wavy hair.

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