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the chance of something like this happening is one reason why i am fine being single for life. heartbreak is the worst form of pain. and i don’t like pain.

Call me an optimist but that kind of pain is good for personal growth and it shows how much a person means to you, No?

who says i want to grow as a person? i don’t plan on living past the age of 35 at the latest.

Kind of a grim outlook on life.

these are the kind of things that are wrong with young people these days, they move too fast just to screw up too easily, when will they ever learn!?

Everybody learns mostly from painful experiences in their lives.
No wise advices from parents and other good and experienced people can not replace your own.
When life gets on your back, you’ll remember the thing that get you in pain and will mostly try to avoid it or do things differently.
Sad, but true – this is life.

Our society has grown way too fast-paced, people just aren’t brought up able to slow down and actually process their experiences, they’re running more and more often off of impulse and instinct.

They both think they messed up…great…another one of those moments where both couples are idiots and need to think for a long time until they now get how dumb they are so they can say there sorry and get back together……… theory………….these two are meant for each other….but they need to understand each other to make things work again.

They really are meant for each other when they both think they messed up, not that either thinks the other is wrong. They just need to really think about this and talk it out.

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