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well…. fuck. something tells me the next few weeks of this comic are gonna be REALLY depressing and dark.

Eighter those kids grow friggin fast or alot of time has passed..
I think I’ve missed a “Alot of time passed” pannel somewhere in the comic.. o_o

I think we did have a timeskip to the graduation thing so who knows.

Wait wait wait.
i accept a ton of time has passed but that means something incredibly weird and important.
however old those kids are, is about that many years that quick has been in his “situation” with the girls.
does this mean they actually went through with it???
and this would explain why he always looks so pale int he recent pages with him.

Between pages 369/370 (when Nate & Kim were born) and page 371 (graduation day) has been about a year. This page is still the night of graduation day. I’m basing this on the average of human babies to start walking at 9 to 12 months.

but still, this is how long that thing with them has been going? like they have put it off that long?! or did they actually go for that “sharing” policy?!

I’m calling it right now Skye broke up with Reiko!

Godai do something we need Reiko and Sky together again!!!

Nope not so fast there this is a much needed time for “personal growth” between the two because their Relationship just took a serious “bump” in the road so some brief time apart to reflect upon things done and said is needed in order to have them gain a mutual understanding of what they want to do next, wouldn’t you agree?

I’m cool with time skips, but isn’t there anyway we could at least get some kind of number as to when stuff happens?

I’m pretty sure this is still the night of graduation (Skye is still wearing the same shirt). The graduation arc is about a year after Nate & Kim were born.

The problem is there was a bunch of other things going on that this “time skip” just forgot. Like the situation with Quick and the two girls.

Godai, don’t use Family Guy jokes. Family Guy stopped being funny a long time ago.

Let the man write what he wants! People just find different things funny, don’t make him feel guilty just because of that.

…..aaaaand Dad is reading Las Lindas comic XD
Do i smell a crossover somewhere in the future :D?

OMGG! I absolutely adore the first two panels of this strip with Liona acting all mommy like and her cute little daughter. That is so cute! And Nick and his son are enjoying some Las Lindas. Although…isn’t he a little too young for Las Lindas? Did Cousin Sunny not get the memo about the new kids? XD And oh man…Skye…skye looks so down in the end. Can’t wait to see more of what happened during that fight.

With that said, I’m kind of leaning towards that the fight is the end result of both their actions, specifically Skye going along with the open relationship and then Reiko never accepting or considering Skye’s feelings in all this.

Please don’t get me wrong everyone….

On one hand, it is great that Nick and Liona have got the “family thing” going, and they are clearly doing a wonderful job at it. And aren’t those kids just precious???

On the other hand, I am wondering if Skye should be there. After all, Nick is living the life Skye wants.

Well…, let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

It’s not in question about “if he should be there”, they’re a part of his family.
If I’m not mistaken – Liona’s his sistercousin and Nick’s his childhood friend.
No matter if what they’re having may make him feel sad, their happiness is what might iron up his motivation to find someone who’d give him the same. Also, their compassion is what he needs right now.

Oh, yes… I forgot about him and Liona being cousins. My mistake!
With that in mind, he needs to be with family that he can actually talk to. I still think that Skye’s mom will celebrate the break-up like it’s 1999, which will only make Skye feel even worse.

So.. Good decision, Skye! Good decision… We’ll let Nick and Liona take it from here.

Wow, I don’t know who to feel sorry for more: Reiko, or Skye.

On the other hand, Liona is just as bubbly and sweet as ever. Still hard to comprehend that she played a bad guy in KnuckleUp. ;P

Probably for both. But I lean my feelings more towards Skye, than Reiko.
She thought he’d never leave her, while she was running around all happy and oblivious, trying to avoid any serious talk.
Well, we all see what it brought apon herself. But Skye on other hand was patiently waiting for Reiko, hoping she’ll stop running and finally stay with him. Now, he had to take the hard step and stop anything they had going between them, and move on. I have a suspicion, that it hurt him alot more than it did hurt Reiko.

How many years passed between the last comic and this one? Cuz holy shi….

Godai confirmed it was 10 month since the birth of the kids.

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