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Dunno why people in comments are so surprised about such turn of events.. It was bound to happen, seeing how stubborn and carefree Reiko is about everything, there was little to no doubt that Skye would turn around and walk away.
If she’s not ready to settle down with him (not talking about having kids), then he’ll have to find someone else.
She could still have her free life, even while married, there’s arrangements for that, at least the marriage would’ve silenced Skye’s parents and made sure that they’ll stay together, no matter what.
But, as we can see, she’s not ready for anything serious, then why should Skye wait any longer? He waited for her whole time of their relationship.

I definitely agree with you on this. I just wish they can just settle down and sort a few things out.

But that would put an end to the storyline, wouldn’t it? And besides, if my guess is correct, Charlotte will want to take full advantage of this situation. Wouldn’t you like to see how?

I for one had kind of forsee this happening since Reiko was so adamant on NOT wanting to settle down, even tho it felt a bit that Sky was pushing the subject a bit and she resorted to inviting Paige to their “party” all sexy looking just to avoid said topic but Paige did take Skye’s side
Saying her time as a party girl had to come to an end, but she was pouting about it.
And I did say in an Rpgish manner *Skye* yknow what Rei have a good day cya around sometime
and walked off

I’ve seen it comming as well. As I said, it was bound to happen sooner or later, cuz’ if couple could not agree on a major topic that connects their lives together, they split. Or they keep living together for some reason suffering.
Luckily for Skye, he has no other connection to Reiko, she simply rejected his offer to have such connection, except sex.

But he wanted a little more than just sex he wanted to have someone to “carry on” or teach his experiences and watch someone grow into a little man or little girl and be proud of it, unless I’m reading too much into it?

Well, yes, he wanted a full grown family. But you know what? There’s enough orphans to fill the gap even if you don’t want to give birth to your own.
Did Reiko want to even consider that? Nope, she was acting all righteous about her freedom, shushing every Skye’s attempt to talk seriously about them being together.
Well, after delaying it for THAT long, she finally got what she was working for – a quick break up.
Doubt that it’s was her intent (looking at her expression on the last pannel), but that’s what was comming to her anyway.

Friends may help her sooth the pain of break up (still, I think breaking up with Reiko was just as painful for Skye as it seems to be for her), but help her “fix the problem”? Nuh-uh. Friends should never “fix” your problems, unless you want things to be even more broken than they are already, even if those are most trusted friends.
She should figure out how to fix, and whether anything should be fixed at that point, on her own.
Friends could help her find the right way, but no fixing stuff.

Wait a minute hold up there, when Chrissy broke up with Quick because of the background check she did on him by being paranoid it was Reiko who confronted her afterwards and set her straight because she knew Quick for much longer than she had and knew he was a good guy, she stayed with Chrissy for a while until she had the confidence to go back to him and protected her from that Douche Cody, so now it’s their turn to help mend the wound in her heart by being there for her, as friendship is a 2 way street of support/respect for one another in most cases

Staying by her side and helping her overcome the pain == “fixing” her issues.
I believe Chrissy should return Reiko the favour she did for her and Quick, but again, she should not make any decidions for Reiko. That’s what I meant – Reiko need to get her head up straight and decide for herself what she wants and needs in the life.
May her friends be blessed, if they’ll really stand by her side and prove that they’re friends no matter what.

Screw this story Just Godai!

Well, everyone… The party may be over here, but when Skye breaks the news to his parents, you know Mommy Dearest will want to party like it’s 1999. Why, you ask? Well, let’s see…

FIRST – Charlotte never really approved of Skye’s relationship with Reiko. Chances are she will congratulate her son for finally coming to his senses.

SECOND – Charlotte wants Skye to run her school when she decides to step down, even though younger brother Shiro will probably be better suited. In Charlotte’s mind, Skye will have no excuse now, since he’s no longer being distracted by Reiko…

THIRD – Charlotte has always preferred Jazmin over Reiko. I wouldn’t put it past Charlotte to try and match Jazmin and Skye in the not-too-distant future, knowing full well that Shiro is hoping to talk to her again.

As sorry as I am that Reiko and Skye broke up, I can’t help but feel even more sorry for Shiro… And I haven’t even met the guy!

Now the 2 next BIG questions is…Who and where are Reiko’s REAL & TRUE Friends? What will they do?

Wait so what do you think Quick Chrissy Raven and Jamin are? Just part of the scenery? No they aren’t they are her true friends to stay by her side

wait whaaat…


Also where is Quick.. ?!!

I wish’d it’d be more Quick ‘n christina >_>

Quick? He might be walking Skye to the car, trying to help him calm down or something. You know how friends are… They’ll tell you to take a few deep breaths and take a moment or two to think about everything. Then, when Skye heads off to his mom, Quick will head back to the restaurant and let everyone know he’s left.

But I thought once you go Skye, you can’t go back!

But seriously though, I did not see this one coming at all. I mean, I know Skye has been with her for years and thought that those two were really going to hook up one day. I wager that he’s just too tired of waiting for someone who simply wants nothing more than to party all the time! Personally, I can’t blame him, but I guess Reiko just has to learn the hard way.

first off, elephant in the room
i know things were tense and getting tenser but something still feels off. i cant imagine Reiko actualy saying something so bad sky would get that upset.
ok now that the drama comment is off my mind, lets look at the real important topic.
Jaz’s seemingly continuously increasing in definition, body tone. i mean shit its all muscles in that first panel! like, not just musle defined body. but i mean a body of muscles!
maybe its just the angle and gradual change in style in art but every page with jaz seems to increase her visibly showing strength xD (not that im complaining)

In other words a semi masculine body tone with slight less femininity to her person?
Not exactly an attractive feature on a girl in my opinion, (no curves no appeal kinda)

i fucking love muscles on my dates .3. im a squishi girl myself though and i lover hard muscles on a beautifull woman squeezing me ^///^
but eh, to each there-own. i didnt mean she looked masculine, just pointing out the gradual change in art

“i cant imagine Reiko actualy saying something so bad sky would get that upset. ”

I can imagine – she declined his offer to become his wife and he said “goodbye”.
He waited far too long for her to settle down together and seeing that she doesn’t want to in any near or any future at all, he decided to just walk away. You can’t just push person away all the time and be surprised they’ve finally got enough of it.

Now comes the “mourning/depression” over losing him as Boyfriend and tries to get him back
Before he takes his mother’s orders of joining Yotsuya Academy as a successor of sorts with obstacles in the way

Next BIG QUESTION is also, HOW LONG will they STAY broken up?

If Godai has the balls? Permanently.

Or at least until Reiko finds it in herself to face her fears. I know she’s worried about her hidden power (Remember what happened to Nick’s arms?), but perhaps now the time has come for her to realize that having that kind of power doesn’t mean she has to deal with it alone. Skye knows about her power, and he still wanted to have a life with her.

Perhaps the thought of her children inheriting the power is too much responsibility for her…

I think the problem is the whole “Hidden demon” thing started as the excuse, but over time it became the go to reason to be a easy-going party girl who sleeps around. So by this point it comes off she doesn’t want to go steady not because of her curse, but because she still just wants to be a party girl.

You know what? I think you’re right. Reiko loves being a party girl more than anything. I guess she was hoping Skye would join her in the never-ending party of life.

Now she’s starting to realize…that such a party doesn’t really exist. Even party people have to grow up and settle down sometime.

That or end up incredibly shallow bitches who basically goes through life not giving two shits but the next high. Until they end up some kind of stepford smiler living in horrid denial and aged looks with nothing to show for it at all.

y’know. this could have been avoided if Reiko just told him about the curse and they meet in the middle and adopt a baby. even better, adopt a baby that’s still in the womb of a woman who wants to get rid of it. so that way you can be there at the birth of the child and form a more personal connection with him or her (or them)

i mean, come on!

I’m pretty sure Skye’s perfectly aware of WHY Reiko doesn’t want to have a kid.
She also don’t want to settle down and become his wife.

Which basically makes the conversation go round and round in an endless loop,
Have to start thinking on the outcome and actions to be taken from it

Actions? Simple – Reiko need to calm down, sit and think about what she really want in her life.
If she want to keep being said “party girl”, then there won’t be any stable man for her, they’ll keep comming and going, like used gloves. That’s what she wants? Fine. Then she should let Skye go off her heart (if he ever was there to begin with).
If she’ll come to realisation that she trully love Skye, then – run after him and try to “undo” the damage her ignorance have made.
As I’ve said before – there’s no “fixing by friends”, they could only guide her in the right direction, help her settle down her thoughts and emotions, but she need to come to conclusion and make actions on her own. And take responsibility for them.
That’d be a start.
As for what should Skye do..
If he still have any love for Reiko after all that and she’d come back to him, I bet he’ll forgive her. A trully loving heart, even if broken, tend to jump at any chance of gathering itself up. Even if its an illusion.
If Reiko won’t come back, he’ll have to move on from this point on and find a suitable bride for himself. No someone his mother would hook him up with (I wouldn’t trust that rabbit..), but a girl for his own taste, that’ll make him really happy.

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