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Should I be concerned as to where Raven is going with this?

My oh my, Raven, you’re back and already I can see it happening.

DANG MAN! I can see why Jazmin would be slightly hesitant on meeting an old flame that she hasn’t seen or heard from in six years. Then again, it does beg the question why as it has been over six years since he spoke to her. Seriously, who would even do that.

Also, I’m slightly confused by Raven’s comment about adding him into the mix. The mix of what? It’s not like…OH SNAP! They did didn’t they?

As far as I know, I think all three either agreed to share Quick, which in that case I am extremely jealous, or they all agreed to date him at the same time and let him decide later on who to stay with.. in which case, still jealous.

Actually once Jazmin stepped Into the picture Raven took a step back. Now that she’s back and hear’s of Jazmin’s old flame Raven either wants Jazmin to hook up with Shironor again or for certain wants a piece of Shiro since she can’t have Quick at the moment. All they need is a 3rd man and it really will be a mix and everybody eventually will have banged each other other. No one really wants to share but they still have to compete with each other despite being friends. This is gonna be a fun rollercoaster

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