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Now then since Rei respects Paige maybe she might pause to give the parenting scene a look and determine Wethersfield that’s a role she wants to play in (hopefully Skye won’t rush her too much before making a decision

I don’t think Skye is trying to rush her to have kids, I think it’s more he wants to settle down with her, but she’s so afraid of her own powers that she tries to avoid things. That’s the vibe I’ve gotten from them since the earlier comics. Not assuming I’m correct though, it’s mostly just a guess from how Reiko behaves when Skye brings up being with only her.

what are these “Knuckle Children” Rei speaks of? anyone? it’s not that i’m underaged, just a virgin, and a lonely one at that so i have no clue what that alludes to

Take your junk, ball your hand into a fist around it and knuckle the white “children” out.

Word of advice dear, being a virgin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate yourself on sexuality and sex ed. I would recommend looking up proper sources to do so via Scarleteen and OhJoySexToy. It will save you a LOT of grief.

Also, knuckle children is slang for semen. Not masturbation. Basically she said when she’s out of birth control, he’s not allowed to cum inside of her.

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