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It’s true what they say. Like father, like son.

Actually if you look at the original Rascals comic pages Skye looks “exactly” like his pops there (tho the art style was very different back then)

Wow as I live and breathe Skye’s dad in the flesh so now all we need are Chrissy’s parents to show up to have the “gang” present and accounted for
General meeting of all the “kids” and their folks

“also Fuck You 2016 you took a lot of Beloved celebrities”

Can’t agree with you more, Godai-sensei. We lost the musical talents of David Bowie, the whimsical charm of Robin Williams, our beloved Princess and even her mother, plus more I probably didn’t hear about.
We can be thankful, too, though, that we still have some people who will continue to make this world all the brighter for a time yet: Harrison Ford; who will continue to shoot first, Sean Connery, who, although drunk, will still escape from Alcatraz in an extraordinary manner; Johnny Depp, who seems to have finally hopped on the wagon; and there’s still Angelina Jolee and Sandra Bullock who still have a few years of looking AMAZING ahead of them.

Here’s goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017! Another year of movies, music and more RASCALS!

Robin Williams died 2 years ago, not that the sting has lessened since, and we lost Lemmy Kilmeister last year as well.

in the first panel there’s a little error it’s supposed to say “There you are you chip off the old block” not “chip of the old block” but other than that, it’s gotta hurt a whallop for that guy! also R.I.P. celebrities you were very wonderful over the years for us all. (-_-)

*Looks at the last panel and says…*

Joking aside…Holy crud! Skye’s dad looks pretty rip for someone his age. All that ninja training and body building really pays off. And I must admit I too got a good chuckle out of this page, especially with Kyoko and Richard there in the last panel. If I were a betting man, those two probably had a thing back at the academy. It also begs the question if Skye’s mother is going to be revealed or if Richard is single now.

Yes the question of Skye’s mom does come to mind but perhaps she just couldn’t handle being 2nd choice while he’s out skirt chasing, (most women won’t tolerate being put 2nd before anything/one else unless it’s A children or B a terminally sick family member.

At first I thought Skye’s father was Skye’s Ex-Boyfriend (Skye’s secretly gay?). As he has more of a slender-ish body type then Skye. Then I kept reading and felt dumb. xD

Though a secret Gay/Lesbian Ex/Non-Ex Lover would make some interesting conversation between the characters. :3

Just a heads up, but just drawing some wrinkles under a character’s eyes to make them look older, doesn’t actually make them older. Skye’s father looks WAY too young in this page. He should be at least twice the age Skye is, then why does he still look so young? Also overly exaggerated abs much?

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