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Oh neat! We get to see Quick’s parents again, and the dad did not waste any time trying to push the family business onto him yet again. And damn, those two fine ladies are so nervous. I wonder what did happen to last semester.

Also, I don’t know what it is, but dang those backgrounds are so bright and colorful!

Well It’s not easy to see another lady Touch Their Quick. Even if it’s his Mom. Also the possibility of getting into a scrap with the mom in 1 wrong move. Luckily for them she is so perverted and Easy Going and actually Wants Quick to get in their pants.

The Father is really starting to look More his age now. Much better than his 1st appearance. Yeah my father is always the same way. But in the end he is just looking out for Quick’s Future so he don’t land in a rough Job and be able to take care of his future offspring which He and his wife are expecting.

I’m actually usually into a girl next door type like Chrissy but I’m really crushing on Jazmin hard X3

I guess Dad has done a bit of growing up as well. Though, Mom did say it looked like she was “banging a teenager”. She is, after all, a squirrel, not a cougar.

Sigh… I don’t know why they call themselves “cougars”. It’s giving my favourite animal a bad name.

“Cougar” in case you didn’t know is the term for a hot female out on the prowl for a suitable mate thus people tend to refer to that feline because of the “sex appeal” and intensity of their flirting (kinda like Reiko but less childish)

Ohh boy this is it people THIS IS IT!!! the moment of truth is upon Quick now and it could not happen at a better time,
his resolve and his heart will be put to the test believe it or not, in this “scenario” 1 girl will be chosen and 1 will remain his “friend”
(one’s feelings will be heartbroken of sorts)and it will mostly be his parents fault. and Quick will have to answer to both parties involved,
Here’s the gist of it (A)Chrissy gets chosen his original love interest and Quick’s father intervenes by saying “who’s this girl and what are you thinking” Quinstopfersson K Bourne!!!! You will be engaged to Mrs Usagi’s daughter Jazmin as our pre ordained Marriage plans.
(B) Jazmin gets chosen by Quick’s parents but he painfully turns her down in favor of Chrissy and resisting his parents wishes (in which heated argument begins) but inside Jazmin’s heart she knows whom Quick loves and secretly cries because she knew Chrissy’s “candle” burns brightly in Quick’s heart but won’t resent him, so people correct me if I’m wrong with Justification not mere opinions. Begin!

No more running. Choices will have to be MADE.

As much as I can relate to Jazmin (having to deal with being the younger sister, and all…), I believe Quick will choose Chrissy. The only question is how the proud parents will react to her.

That may be true but hopefully Mrs Gloria is the one to “relationship approval” type thing since she kinda can tell the girls character at a glance

Well, she’s already ‘examined’ Jazmin’s capability to carry a child. Remember when she was feeling Jazmin’s hips? Can’t wait to see her do it to Chrissy.

Oh my god. Are girls really being rated like cattle here? How disgusting. Is this how you guys go about choosing your girlfriends in the real world too? All package and no content? Lol, just wait until your dearest gets older and grows some wrinkles on her pretty cheeks.

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