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Them baby blues… I would kill for eyes that blue. Hell, Reiko’s green would be awesome too!

… Here I am just stuck with two dark heterochromic shades of turquoise… >.>

I don’t remember Paige at the moment. When did she make her appearance?

I wonder when the boobs of these gals will finally reach their navel. Seems like they’re increasing in size with every page. As a woman myself I find this quite unsettling. The backache must be tremendous.

AH SNAP! It’s Paige! This is a freaking surprise here. Reiko must have made some mad connections whenever she bumped into Liona at the mall!
And dang man! I haven’t seen Skye blush that hard sense Jenny way back in the Spa arc. Then again, who wouldn’t be blushing at such a huge cleavage shot. Also, I must say that Paige’s hairstyle looks so fresh with the weave in it.
As for the subject matter, I think Reiko is still trying to avoid the whole settling down discussion she kind of blew off with Skye in the last arc.

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