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Reiko…isn’t wearing anything underneath those robes is she? :winkReiko:
But on a more serious note, I suspected that those two would be getting a new apartment since they’ve done graduated. It’s only a matter of time though before they pretty much do the deed in each room. That’s what Scrubs taught me at least. :heartReiko: I am curious to know why Issy is there of all things. Is she a student too? Or is she there for Reiko? :amazeReiko:

Two pages back, I was curious on Reiko being mature enough to settle down and have kids, but nope. Even if she haves kids, she’ll still be a wild party animal like Yoko and Quicks mom. Sometimes I don’t know them too Jazmin. And when did Issy come from!? She stalking Reiko?

people more concerned with reiko. but Chrissy’s bust is really baloooned in that panel. only offset by Jazzy’s abs and arm muscls .//.
>///> i’m a lady with very particular interests on the woman side of things >///< stupid sexy Jazzy and Chrissy

“You have completed your high school education, and, in doing so, have seen the closure of a major chapter of your life. The limitless boundless horizons of your future life are spread open before you. The possibilities are endless! What are you going to do next, Reiko?”


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