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An aunt you say? Dunno about that according to Nick she could spoil the kid big time X3

Well they got daddy’s tail. As well as the boy having daddy’s hair.

Both have mama’s ears though

and Kim has mom’s markings.

Nick… between your wife, your family, and your friends, the number of “-ILF”s is off the charts. There’s a MILF, a GILF, two AILFs…

It isn’t Rei you have to worry about corrupting your son, it’ll be his friends once he gets to middle school and they all start noticing girls.

See, I was right! All Nathan wanted was something to suck on. Now, he’s at peace. And doesn’t he look adorable nuzzling up to Jazmin?

But what I like most about this, is how Jazmin is easing her big sister into joining the fun. Reiko may one day make a good mother, but when it comes to babies, Jazmin is a natural.

The only part about the whole thing is with whom will she open up the “factory” with, because anyone can be a parent but a real man to become a father yknow

Wait, I am confused. Is the comic series over? Or?
It’s says “End” at the bottom right corner.
Or does that mean this chapter (didn’t know this was going in Chapters) is over?

I hope the comic isn’t over with. It’s great work and I hope it will continue on!


This comic has had quite a few chapters. This just means a new one will start after this. Not to worry…

oh no i wasn’t fearing a literal end to the comic. i was just thinking that it was kind of an awkward end to a chapter without much of a definitive statement from the author that it was the end of an arc. i thought it was kinda awkwardly placed there is all.

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