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And they look beautiful.

They take after their mother as you see on their markings

As I suspected by the look of belly it was Twins and not single because she looked too big for single, and indeed they look adorable they’re so lucky to have the boy and girl pair in the 1st try. Congratulations are in order as they are probably going to change the outlook of the groups opinions on their relationship statuses

I felt like it was gonna be at least two. Even though they are Anthro, they still resemble animals. So because the mom is a feline, she was bound to have a sort of litter situation. Meaning more then one.

They are still adorable though. So many warm feelings.

Except resembling animals hasn’t anything to do with it, animals in general litter when they’re on the smaller side and as size increases the number of young drops until just one is the norm. For larger animals it becomes more important to focus on just one from a pregnancy than litters (and for some animals it can potentially kill them, like horses as they just aren’t meant for it, humans barely manage it).

With the exception of the “octo mom” with 8 newborns almost at once

Godai said he enjoyed doing this chapter and I can see why. I feel very happy and hopeful for not just Nick and Liona but for everyone. I enjoy a good and funny story with memorable people. To see them develope throughout it gives me reason to follow it. It may have its hilarious jokes and scenerios and some YKW jokes too. I like it cause I want to see where the people and the story will go. Where it’ll lead. After this page, even if Rascals come to a close with the gang, I would like to see the next generation (Liona and Nicks kids with the others kids) in their college or high school years. Anyone think Rascals with the next generation a good idea and worth reading with the old cast as parents? A story staring the kids? Let’s do a vote! Yes or no. If you want, explain why!

OMGG!! Babies! Babies everywhere! For there are twins! :heartChrissy: :heartsJazmin: :heartsKyoko: :amazeReiko:

And they’re so cute too! I especially like the markings on the opposite side of each face, the boy’s yellow hair, and the humor there in the last panel. I almost thought that the kids were the same color, but I did notice that they have Liona’s mouth fur color and Nick’s overall body color. I must say that I totally dig this arc completely with its family ties and touching moments.

I just have one vital question here…what are their names?

I wonder, did Liona and Nick know they would be having twins, or was it entirely unexpected?

Probably they knew it. Doctors seem to like to know what they’re dealing with beforehand when it comes to births, and I’d be shocked if Liona hasn’t been to the hospital for checkups on her pregnancy before this. They’ve probably been doing regular ultrasounds, so they’ve probably been aware of their twins for at least a little while. Unless, of course, one of them was being a ninja, and was hiding behind the other.

Oh, right! All that nerve damage was why he couldn’t finish ninja school. He may not feel a lot of pain, but that doesn’t mean he can afford to lose a lot of blood. He’s a father now. He’s got cute little babies to train.

Just think of what a great ninja team they’ll grow up into!

And just think of how they’ll wreck the house with their sibling rivalry!

Since Liona’s is a big celebrity singer, you think this is gunna start bringing out the paparazzi and stories what with the whole “In love with bodyguard” situation? It was made a big deal earlier about wanting to keep the relationship secret to avoid all that. But babies? There’s no way this is not going to get unnoticed or hidden from the public.

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