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Technically, she’s right. It IS his and his junk’s fault. 😛

Her fault too then, she wanted him and his junk doing their thing with her and her junk.

Truth be told if she was more responsible would have taken the pill if he didn’t have condoms so no one sided excuses

he should count himself lucky, I almost had my middle finger bitten off during the birth of my first child. (still trying to remember how it led to that but I was stuck up to the final moment they were born)

I think I read somewhere that nurses advise that, if you’re going to give her your hand, you should just give her two fingers or your arm. With all the adrenaline brought on by labour pains, even a woman with weak grip strength is still fully capable of breaking bones.

You guys are really chilled out this whole week despite the things that happened like, the news media scandals on presidential the candidates, the gaming industry looking like crap, Wii U ending it’s production this year, stock markets falling, mass shootings on the news, e-mail scandals, world leaders on crack, and worst of them all a Jackass for president with the whole nation going on a protest and me enjoying a relaxing time watching everybody on twitter, Facebook, Deviantart, the chan boards, youtube, reddit and Instagram going up in flames with me laughing it up like a jackass! Ain’t the internet a riot or what? xD

could somepony please help me with the translation? I dont know the definition of junk… not in the way this page wants it to be.
To me junk means trash, garbadge, wasted things…

Junk is also a slang term for genitals/sexual organs.
In this case, a man’s junk is his penis and testicles.
Also referred to as block-and-tackle, amongst other slang terms.

Oh snap! I guess Liona is going through labor as we speak, and her mother-rage instinct is getting the best of her from the damage she inflicted on Nick there. Seriously, it looks like Liona re-injured Nick’s hand! I will say I got a huge kick out of everyone’s reaction, but what I noticed is how Skye isn’t holding Reiko anymore.

Who was that that was screaming at nick because i will want to ground her for 10000000000000000000000000000000000012345678900000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years and give a punishment day for doing that to nick

I don’t see his parents. Are they sitting in a different location?

Possibly. Or they could be there and we just cant see them (they are ninjas after all).

I am SO glad the katbox authors are above trying to politically influence their readers. I just went through a few webcomics I haven’t checked for a long while and found a few of them from right before the election, so many saying “Hey, go vote for Hillary based solely on the fact that she has a vagina!”

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