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Well, we know that Quick is part-cat, part-squirrel. So the million-dollar question is… Will his baby be part-civet, or part-rabbit?


wow…. i feel real bad for quick here. gotta be hard trying the Polyamory schtick

You know, something has been bugging me about the recent turn of events. If memory serves correctly, wasn’t it Skye that said that no one wanted to be tied down with a child? Did he do a 180

Getting back on topic though, I’m actually surprised that Chrissy of all people is now thinking about having kids considering her reaction when the topic came up with Jenny. I’m just curious if these two are intentionally putting him in the hot seat just to see who he picks.

Also, talk about getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. XD

Is it just me or does Jasmine’s fur seem to be a little bit whiter than usual?

really? I sampled the Color from the Previous page she was in.

Oh, then its probably just me than lol. Idk why, but i thought she was a slightly pinker color for some reason. My bad. 😛

Idk looking back at other pics of her like back like in the donation run and stuff she does look pinker. 😮

Did anyone else catch it? Jazmin said, “I wonder what it’s like having another living person inside of you.” Quick blushes and almost says something, so Jazmin says, “What?”

She was thinking baby. He was thinking, he wants to be inside her…

Long story short, That’s what she said.

my brain cant process those 3 any more x_x like…every time i think back to everything thats happend. i have a hard time figuring out wwhats what. like i go in thinking “ok its simple its…… uh…” then my brain blondes the fuck out on me!

but it doesnt matter QUICK IS MINE DAM IT! ;-; amber wants in

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