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Future-sight and a high council from nowhere? Godai, I love your comic, but tread lightly with stuff like this. Foreshadowing is your friend.

I’m with you… like… jeez, why there must always be a council limitating cool powers? What they will do? Fee you?
But we’ve seen super powers in this story, from the lost pages to boobies poofing around and all the things from Goyku.

No No. First limitating is not a word >w<. Secondly, it's not that I have an issue with their BEING a high council, there should always be something in place to keep a power from growing too much, but some foreshadowing would have been nice, this bit about the council comes from WAY out of left field.

Wait Nick said friends are visiting. Does he mean Quick and company? Boy, I can already see so much drama and hilarity already. Can’t wait to see what the kid will look like. I wonder if Rei will show since baby’s are a sensitive subject for her. Also, I wonder if Jazmin and Chrissy will think when they see Lionas baby. They might consider about having a kid? Any ideas or thoughts on this guys?

Well, I do recall Chrissy saying that she loves babies. She may even volunteer to babysit.

I also recall Jazmin being pressured by her family to have one. Saying no and wants to make her own choices. Though being with Quick and a few attempts, I think she might consider it with m. Who knows what for sure impact Lionas baby will have on the group. Like would Quick and Skye think of being a father?

Come to think of it… Quick did panic for a moment when he thought Chrissy was pregnant, but he did decide to man-up and prepare himself for the next step in their relationship. At least, until his sister took him aside and told him Liona was the one having the baby instead of Chrissy.
Who knows? Maybe someday…

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