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just thinking here… but theres potential for the baby to have very little to no spots, and yeah, it makes sense she wont be hurt about the money since they are ALL family ^-^ plus if im not mistakes she is the sweetest girl in the whole story…

Now that I see Liona’s belly it makes it look like she may have Twins in there? I mean wow so big there, but her kindness is as big as her heart to dismiss the lending without asking at the time,
Can’t wait to see her parents I’ll bet her mom is as youthful looking as she is

I am also in the ‘she’ll have twins’ camp. I am slightly uplifted that other people believe family members should try to help each other in times of need. And the bottom panels, Nick and Liona emanate such tremendous quantities of high purity love and affection for each other, I felt my heart become a little softer after reading them.

Awww…I guess @Chaos Sepher was right after all with the no drama. I was kind of looking forward to some drama. Well, at least this won’t end up like it did for Chrissy and Quick.
But…GAH! That’s so cute! I must say that I really enjoy that tender moment there, especially that Eskimo kiss at the end.

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