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Wow. I sure would like to be a trained ninja.

No not really not especially when you have to sign a waiver that makes them not be responsible for accidental death or mutilation to your person you know, otherwise there’d be more ninjas around committing idiocy and petty acts of crime or other nonsense in today’s society


Oh don’t feel bad I too had that dream in my youth and saw what it was about and let’s just say it’s not for the weak of heart and will ,
The fear of death must not be in you to be one, meaning someone points a gun at you or shotgun no fear a knife or sword at you no fear,you get shot or cut bad no fear you are of one mind and that’s what drives you so to speak

OH! It read Prime. XD Sorry, for some reason on the Picarto stream, I thought it read Prince, but that was a my bad due to the whole reading the M as a meshed N and C.

But on a more serious note, I will say that I got a kick out of the Zootopia references.

Three items I would like to point out in the flash back…
First, nice throwback to original Reiko. I did not see that or Kai having short hair coming at all.
Second, I know it wasn’t intentional, but I swear Rev is coming onto Olga with that ass tapping. XD
Third, is it just me or did the dad favor his son in all this? Out of all his kids, he only referred to Nick as son while using the real names for Yuri and Rev.

I love Zootopia too. It’s one of my favorite Disney movies from the current millennium (the other being Wreck-It Ralph). And what’s even cooler is that it’s now available to stream on Netflix! Now I don’t have to go to the library anymore to check it out (if it hasn’t already been checked out by somebody else, which happens a lot)! 😀

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