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I don’t think liona would mind if he just asked.

Precisely him doing that is a “red flag” as when you’re a couple you trust one another and share your troubles same as remedy them, I expect him to tell her that he lent Yuri some money to get out of a fix, than just try to secretly pay her back for it

Oh damn! This page has got me hype! Since Nick is giving Yuri’s some dough, I wonder how Liona’s gonna feel about this when she finds out since she possibly won’t miss it.

After I read this page, I had a thought that later on, after Liona finds out about the money missing in her account, she’ll probably go into shock about it! Needless to say, she’ll be very upset about this and very upset with Nick for giving out money with her consent, and then the shock may send her into labor! OH MY!

…but I could be wrong.

Those little things are usually what leads to break ups and heartbreaking mistrust

I seriously do not care for what this might entail as there is NO REASON for Nick not to be upfront about this with Liona. What I seriously want to see happen is for Yuriko to, well, pull a Yuriko and accidentally blur this out to or in proximity of Liona almost immediately. Because this is a plot line I seriously do not care to see drawn out.

It was a spur of the moment decision on his part. He felt really bad and wanted to help out his sis, so bing, checkbook. Not telling Liona about it isn’t a good idea, but in situations like that people tend to not think.

Give it out and pay it back before she notices sounds like a good idea now, but yeah knowing Liona, she probably would’ve been perfectly fine with it. Honestly he should just tell her flat out, apologize and promise to pay her back. She’d obviously forgive him and not even be bothered by the money. They are all practically family now anyway.

Maybe so but isn’t that kinda stretching your trust bonds even if your intentions are good ones?
Knowing Yuri with her mindset of blabbing things this will fall back on Nick’s face putting him in an awkward position. I can just see that coming at a later time

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