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#358 Failure

#358 Failure published on 19 Comments on #358 Failure

There was a time In my life when I felt the same pain as Yuri and fell into a deep depression when I was looking for a job in my field of study with no help from my school ( that they promised they would )  but mnay years later and here I am yeah may not of gotten to work for big name companies but just doing this is Good enough for me ^_^


i feel real bad for Yuriko…. it hits close to home too as i wanted to be a bloody scientist when i got older. now, i just want to not be a burden to my friends and family….

Trust me, keep your head up and everything will go good eventually 🙂

that’s what my grandmother keeps telling me, but i don’t know, she’s quite stuck in the mid-20th century way of thinking (all religious where i am atheist) and its a new world, a changing world, a faster world… i just fear i won’t ever have a place in it…..

Thats what ya think, plus thats what i thought when i was younger, i am 30, its funny they said listen to your elders or older people. It kinda is true after find that out myself.

Life is not as we expect it to be once we are on our own having to fend for yourself when you never had things to do , also a factor is if you had any hardships at home or at school that could take their toll on you mentally in which depression makes you want to “off” yourself or such, this is a small example of what poor Yuri is gone thru and hopefully Nick may help her out somehow

I’m going through it now. The big-time company I was working in for twenty years decided one day to make my position redundant. I’ve been looking for work for over a year now. Either they’re not hiring… or just not hiring ME. You feel like you’re put everything into the business, and now there’s nothing left. I’m doing some volunteer work a few days a week, but if something doesn’t turn up soon…

For now, I can only do what I can, and remind myself not to give up.

Dude you may be looking for work but in the meantime why don’t you check if where you live at may have work program to get certification for opening positions free classes paid by the city,but the only thing they request is your undivided attendance no latenesses since they’re ponying up the cash per student to get you a job (if they don’t have it in your area look it up online.

Just great now i will feel like an even bigger asshole but i just have to say it.
In my honest opinion Rascals have gone really downhill in terms character design. And to me they look kinda overdrawn. Sort of how music can be overproduced. For me the characters were best designed around comics 130-150 and my main example is Reiko who went from bust D to H over the course of this comic including Mitzu and Yuriko who went trough a similar change. This might be good to some but it kinda kills the enjoyment for me if (unless there is a male in the shot) im just looking at boobs with facial expressions.
Another thing are new characters. There has been A LOT of new characters (with minimal bust size of E) considering every chapter has at least one. Im not sure how much more of those characters like Kai and Josh are we gonna be seeing but if Godai wants to include all of them it will turn into Golden Sun where you spend more time looking at characters reacting to things rather than playing the game (furthering the plot). But this is more of a “if” area. By “if” i mean if they are going to get character development and if Godai is even planning to end the comic.
That said i still love the comic and everything i said is not nearly enough to make me stop reading. Its more like minor annoyances rather than actual problems.

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